Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jeb in Jackson

This morning former NH CD1 Congressman Jeb Bradley visited the J-Town Deli in Jackson, at 8:30 am. Bradley was greeted by a small group of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Did I say small? There were six of us.

During Bradley's last term, Congress was working a 3 day week. When the Democrats took over, they pledged a 5 day work week, which Jeb says is a promise they haven't honored. When asked about the policy that prevented solar and wind power generation on public lands, Bradley responded by attempting to compare that with Cape Wind - the windmills proposed for off Nantucket that have been bitterly fought against by the wealthy residents of the island, including Senator Edward Kennedy. I pointed out that the two were hardly comparable, but Jeb was unwilling to acknowledge that. Bradley and his staff of 3 left for other unspecified destinations in the area.

In today's Conway Daily Sun is a letter from a Bradley supporter in Wolfeboro who mentions Bradley's stance on immigration. Most folks I talk to in Carroll County are worried about heating their homes this winter. As usual, Bradley and his supporters are out of touch with the concerns of average voters.

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