Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Douchebags of the GOP

Dear Poppy:
Apparently you think that it is the responsibility of all women to be appealing to you, in case you want to get into their wombs.

No woman wants you anywhere near her womb.
You aren't exactly Prince Charming yourself.

Dear Bill Clinton - you're as big a piece of shit as Poppy is for not calling him out on his misogyny.

Dear Car Dealers - we heard you all laughing about this. You would do well to remember that women buy cars.

Wolf Blitzer - this is your idea of a "lighter moment?" Four shooters of Summer's Eve for you.

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DissedBelief said...

Each time a Repug opens their mouth they betray every sentiment they hold dear. Out of the horses mouth which may be why father and son chose to marry their "mothers", have multiple affairs and go into wars under their banners of the bible. My personal hope for global warming is that us human animals go the way of the dinosaurs, if soley to eliminate the vile hateful thoughts and deeds of individuals such as this. Their hypocrisy absolutely astounds me. Abortion is a sin but murdering millions of innocents in created wars is okay? Help me!