Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Number 37


DissedBelief said...

This is great, thanks so much for posting it Susan. So so proud of our eloquent erudite President. The right wing behaved just like their slang term, "Rethugs". No one dare tell me they are NOT racists. The majority (if not all) illegal immigrants are non-white. Republicans supported Apartheid. This is why they are Broerderbunders. If you have a moment Susan and anyone else, please be so kind as to check out my latest entry in my blog. Comments on some small experiences I had this summer relating to the subject of racism. Us whites have little to be proud of.

Peace, strength and blessings to you & your family dear Susan.

Robert Myer said...

"No one dare tell me they are NOT racists" I dare. We're not. When those on the left start crying racism, it is a sure sign they are losing the greater argument.

"Us whites have little to be proud of." Well, DissedBelief, at least "Us whites" don't constanly whine about our problems blaming them on some other ethnic group. You might but me? I just go to work, pay my taxes and try to make my lot better in the world and I don't hurt anyone doing it either.

THE said...

You can dare all you want to, Bob - but you're wrong, as usual. You snivel and moan about racism being pointed out because it's true . How 'bout that picture, Bob? Is that racist? Or just funny?

We're the ones who forced Africans into slavery, and committed genocide against the native people of the USA. The white males have run this country since its inception. White men own the power, the land, and the money in this nation - and do far more of the whining than they have a right to.