Sunday, December 06, 2009

Terrorist thwarting hero turns out to be a liar

AirTran ‘hero' wasn't on plane, airline says  |

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It's a little easier to understand why a Houston man who claimed to have thwarted a potential terrorist attack on a flight leaving Atlanta has not answered repeated requests to tell his story.

He was not on the plane, AirTran Airways says.

The story of how this brave fellow saved a plane from 11 Muslims was picked up by every crazy righwingnut website -including Glenn Beck's 9/12 site.

The airline debunked the whole story point by point.

So, bummer, dude. Instead of 11 Muslim terrorists, it was a Spanish speaking guy who didn't understand the instructions the flight attendant gave about shutting off cell phones. And the liar wasn't even on the plane.

I hope Glenn Beck cried while he admitted the story was a fake....if he ever did.

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DissedBelief said...

Terrific - and I mean both the unmasking of a liar and the picture of Beck, who even when his face isn't all scrunched up in "cry baby mode" he still looks the part. A friend of mine commented that he looks like a pouting immature ten year old boy who didn't get his favorite fire truck and now everyone is going to pay for it. As to the liar, there can be no doubt he's a Republican living the delusionary dream they all are. You know the one, everyone is against us and we did nothing to create it?