Friday, May 28, 2010

Gummint Interference

A story in today’s Conway Daily Sun tells us about Frank Pingree from Bartlett, who is trying to get legislators to force first time political candidates to go through a background check, and mandatory jail time for any elected official that breaks the law.

The Sun quotes a letter he sent to Bartlett Selectmen:
“You really can't expect integrity of voter turnout when there is a sad lack of qualified candidates. People develop a disdain for politicians when we read stories like this,” he wrote.

Of course, people have a healthy disdain for fascism, too, Frank. Why not add weekly urine tests while we're at it?

As long as we have a hobby legislature that works for $100 a year, we’ll always have a problem getting candidates. As it stands, we’re lucky to get anyone to serve. Would candidates bear the cost? Would the town, county, or state? Where would that money come from?

Think about all of the elected positions held in your community. Imagine a background check to be one of the cemetery trustees. Really? Think this could have a dampening effect on running for public office?

I believe Mr. Pingree is a Republican – and I’m guessing he hasn’t thought about the impact this could have on his own party – or his own town! Bartlett is home to Gene “corn roast” Chandler, who would be in jail if Pingree had his way. Not surprisingly, Representative Chandler doesn’t think this is such a great idea.

Frank is miffed because a Bartlett selectman has not resigned, since being charged with having child porn in his computer. The selectman is continuing to serve, as he waits to go to trial. The real problem is that there is no way to remove a selectman from office. There is no legal remedy, no law that permits such a thing. That might be a smarter, and cheaper avenue to pursue than forcing background checks on people who are trying to serve their communities.

Nice to see the party of “personal freedoms and no gummint interference” maintaining the kind of high standards we’ve come to expect from them.

This kind of brilliance will surely be an asset to the GOP in the upcoming elections.

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DissedBelief said...

I loved your description of Chandler. I was thinking along similar lines for Crow Dickinson who if memory serves me walked into an airport with a weapon? Mr. Pingree's idea sounds very liberal to me and stinks of big "gummint". Which brings me to the letter in this paper writen by Mr. Shuff. I never read one word by Mr. Marvel that even hinted at Communism. And by the way, our President doesn't have to support his relatives - he lived the reality of "pulling oneself up the bootstraps" which is I believe a Republican wannabee philosophy? Interesting how this same author refers to Capitalism which strangely enough is not in the picture now that the Gulf is ruined in all likelihod for the next 50 years and everyone is screaming for "gummint" aid - that's us, the taxpayer by the way! That's right - society, aleit communal assistance - gosh, isn't that communism you know, like social security, Medicaid and Medicare?