Thursday, July 08, 2010

States Continue Layoffs

The city of Lawrence, MA has just laid off 23 firefighters, and closed a third fire station, in an attempt to balance the budget. This is especially alarming in a city that has been called "the arson capital of the world."

The Los Angeles County Office of Education has just laid of 177 employees.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan the school board approved layoff notices to 71 employees.

The Miami-Dade budget, recently proposed by the mayor, includes 900 layoffs.

In New Orleans, 38 civilian members of the police department and 12 recruits training at the Police Academy were fired:

Twenty-three of the dismissed employees were communications operators, which are the people who staff the 911 lines that take emergency calls.

In a city troubled by violence and high muder rates, this is quite disturbing.

No word from the deficit peacocks on how having even more unemployed folks with fewer dollars will help decrease the deficit.

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