Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Job Losses Continue

In Idaho, 522 people will lose their jobs when the XL Four Star Beef meat packing plant closes.

In Florida 535 United Space Alliance workers were laid off on April 8. The end of the space shuttle program means the end of a lot of jobs.

In Nevada 150+ employees are being laid off from the Nevada Cancer Institute, a non-profit that has been hard hit by the economy.

In Buffalo, NY over 200 food service workers employed by Sodexo, Inc. will be losing their jobs at the end of May. Sodexo's contract with Buffalo State College has been terminated.

In San Jose, CA the technology company Cisco Systems, Inc. is cutting 550 jobs as part of a company restructuring.

In Chatsworth, GA the Shaw Industries plant is closing, and laying off 302 employees.

There is still a ceaseless drum beat of job losses around the country, yet Congress acknowledges their intent to make budget cuts that will cost both public and private sector jobs - as part of their job creation plan.

Or, as Dean Baker said in the WSJ:

Firms hire workers when they consider it profitable to do so. You have to be drinking some pretty wild Kool-Aid if you think that more firms are going to hire workers because the government is cutting spending and laying off workers.

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