Friday, July 22, 2011

NH Rep Jokes About Shooting Union Members

Once again, a state legislator makes me proud to be from NH. Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker is a nurse in the Navy Reserves, and currently at Fort Dix.

A Republican New Hampshire state representative who touted her handiness with a gun and said labor unions "better not F#%k" with her is insisting that she never meant to advocate violence toward anyone.

From the email:
I am a truck commander on a hum vee for convoys. I had to learn how to drive both day and at night with night vision goggles. My vehicle has a rhino (no, not a RINO) on it to trip IEDs before my vehicle reaches it. Today I got to be the gunner which was fun. The .50cal is quite a gun! I was never ascared of the unions but they better not F#%k with me again!!! Just saying.

Naturally, she's using the "I was just joking" defense. Nurses always joke about guns...oh, wait. No, they don't. Most nurses aren't all that keen on guns, because they see too many gunshot wounds.

Rep. Blankenbeker made the news earlier in the year, when she appeared on a NH television program and stated that she didn't believe that Osama bin Laden was actually dead, because her superior officers
hadn't let her know.

From the NH Legislator's Handbook:
Elected members shall maintain professional conduct while serving as state legislators and, at all times, shouldconductthemselves inaway that exhibits the utmost respect for their elected office, their constituents and the people of the State of New Hampshire. Members should be aware that they are constantly under public scrutiny.

It seems unlikely that Rep. Blankenbeker will be asked to resign. House Speaker O'Brien needs her vote if he's ever going to overturn Governor Lynch's veto of the right to work law passed this session. Besides, she was only joking. It's okay to threaten union members with gun violence as long as it's "joking."

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DissedBelief said...

I have a vision of Blanked out Becker in SS uniform, cruelly torturing and humiliating all those poor souls that fall in her path. Naturally, gun at side and in hand at all times, she makes jokes about the poor Jews and Gypsies and all those who are not like her, specifically, the anti-Nazi. Yes, more and more the Republican members are looking and sounding like the brown shirts. I advice everyone to start reading about and watching WWII movies because this is exactly how Hitler rose to power. On the backs of people like Blacked Out.