Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kelly Ayotte Votes Against NH

US Senate finally moves forward on a bill that would provide disaster aid to states devastated by Hurricane Irene. From Politico:

Senate Democrats were successful the second time around Tuesday, narrowly advancing a $7 billion disaster aid package that Republicans blocked a day earlier.

On a 61-38 vote, all 53 members of the Democratic caucus and eight Republicans from disaster-afflicted states agreed to move forward on legislation that would help areas of the country hit by Hurricane Irene and recent tornadoes, flooding and wildfires. Sixty votes were needed.

Republicans who cast an “aye” vote were Sens. Roy Blunt of Missouri; Scott Brown of Massachusetts; John Hoeven of North Dakota; Dean Heller of Nevada; Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; David Vitter of Louisiana; and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine. In Monday’s failed 53-33 vote, Toomey had voted no, while Sen. Dan Coats of (R-Ind.) had voted yes.

Kelly Ayotte's name is not on that list. When will Senator Ayotte make a trip to northern Carroll County to explain that vote?

Kelly Ayotte voted against her own state. She needs to eat this every day from now till 2016, when we can vote her out.


DissedBelief said...

We all knew Ayotte was a good party loyalist. Isn't this one reason why she was voted in? I think so, and all her good little Republican followers will not only re-elect her, but they will reelect all the other GOP'rs as well. Our situation is full of irony. Republicans characterize themselves as very conservative, and yet, the many that I'm acquainted with, live pretty well, in fact very unconservatively, with large homes,many toys, big trucks, big lives. I suspect Ayotte and her family live similarly as does Guinta and the rest of the club. It's comical to see huge trucks driving around town with bumper stickers on them such as "Ax the View Tax". If one were truly conservative, then a life lived minimally, with small homes and cars would be "the conservative" life wouldn't it? The brown shirts did the same thing. They promised smaller more streamlined and centralized gov't, less beaurocracy and more ease in dealing with the federal sector. Hitler was very successful to this end wasn't he? Looks like we're eventually headed there, with Norquist's fragile house of cards being built Ayotte by Guinta by Perry.

Ref said...

Ayotte is the female Norman Mushari (literary reference.) She smiles for the cameras and describes herself as just a public-spirited girl from NH. Actually, she's just pathetically eager to sell out to the corporate Republicans.

samiinh said...

Kelly Ayotte needs to be made a ONE TERM SENATOR. She consistently votes against NH citizens, she is a liar, and a media whore, as well as a typical rightwing K-Street tool. We is bad for NH and bad for America.