Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthers and Despots

Once again, members of the Teabaglican majority in the NH House have brought national attention to our state. Once again, it’s the kind of national attention that most of us would prefer to avoid. In other words, once again, members of the NH House have made our state a national joke.

This past Saturday (November 19) Orly Taitz, the leader of the “Birther movement,” filed a complaint with the NH Ballot Commission. Mrs. Taitz contends that President Obama is not a citizen, and should not be on the ballot. Mrs. Taitz is a naturalized citizen and is both a dentist and an attorney. She holds a number of interesting views, including:

 Hugo Chavez owns the software that runs US voting machines.
 Obama has vandalized her car and threatened her life.
 Osama bin Laden was killed years ago, and put on ice, and thawed out to distract the world from her upcoming court case challenging Obama’s citizenship.
 Rep. Alcee Hastings, and the US House are planning to build at least six labor camps.

Orly Taitz is a bucket full of crazy, and has made it her mission to “prove” that President Obama is not a citizen. A video of Ann Dunham giving birth under the Welcome to Hawaii sign would not deter her.

This time, though, Taitz was joined by a number of NH State Representatives who signed on to her petition to the ballot commission. These representatives are: Larry Rappaport of Colebrook, William Tobin of Sanbornton, Moe Villaneuve of Bedford, Lucien and Carol Vita of Middleton, Al Baldasaro of Londonderry, Susan DeLemus of Rochester, Harry Accornero of Laconia, and our very own Laurie Pettengill, of Glen.

Al Baldasaro is both a long-term embarrassment to our state, and a member of the O’Brien leadership team. His most recent turn in the national spotlight came when he announced his approval of those who booed a gay Marine during a Republican presidential debate.

Harry Accornero garnered national attention recently for sending out an email to all of his fellow legislators that accused President Obama of being a traitor, for essentially following Bush’s immigration policies. It seems those policies weren’t objectionable when a white guy was in charge.

Laurie Pettengill has done little to distinguish herself since her election. She did support O’Brien in his campaign to become Speaker of the House, and we should certainly all thank her for the many good things that have come from that. The O’Brien budget has killed thousands of jobs, increased unemployment, and become a national joke. Now, Pettengill has signed on to a petition that makes NH and the NH Primary a joke. At the heart of this petition and the whole Birther movement is, quite simply, racism. Be sure to thank Laurie for her role in giving the rest of the world the impression that NH is comprised of a bunch of inbred, racist hicks.

The hearing before the Ballot Commission became quite heated and contentious. According to Orly Taitz’ online description, the room was full of screaming idiots. Rep. Carol Vita was screaming at an assistant AG. Acconero (who is clearly a few accorns shy of an oak) accused Ballot Commission Chair Brad Cook of being a traitor, and warned him that he shouldn’t leave his house without a mask. These people have brought nothing but shame to our state, and their conduct at this hearing is reprehensible. They should be forced to resign. Rep. Rappaport is trying to distance himself from this by telling the Concord Monitor that he isn’t a “true Birther.” In other words, he believes what they do, but he doesn’t want to be tarred with the crazy brush. It’s too late for that. Associating one’s self with anything Baldasaro or Acconero are part of is a sure fired trip to the land of the deranged.

It’s difficult to imagine that the NH legislature could keep up the hectic pace of lunatic ideas and legislation, but it seems that there is no bottom for this bunch. HB 590 (which became law without the Governor’s signature) established a committee to review state participation in federal aid programs. Committee Chair Gregory Sorg of Easton, recently released the committee report. This committee wants to ensure that NH receives no federal aid dollars for anything. It’s not so much a report as an ideological rant. They are opposed to nutrition programs for pregnant women – yet these same legislators would force women to be involuntary incubators. Most telling of all, however, is their opposition to weatherization and fuel assistance programs. From the report:

“The people of New Hampshire must be held competent to understand that every November, without fail, it gets cold at this latitude and that they must arrange their affairs so as to provide for this fact of life as a matter of personal responsibility.”

In short, we must all manage our affairs so that we do not get old, do not develop a serious health problem, do not lose our jobs, and do not suffer from sudden poverty caused by the destruction of the US economy. Based on these findings, Rep. Sorg should be expecting 3 ghosts to visit him on Christmas Eve.

These pompous ideologues seem to be under the impression that refusing federal money will create some sort of national change. All it means is that the tax dollars sent in to the federal government will go to aid other states. Our roads and bridges will fall further into disrepair, people will freeze to death, and NH will no longer be just a national joke, but a national disgrace.

"External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge. No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him. No wind that blew was bitterer than he, no falling snow was more intent upon its purpose, no pelting rain less open to entreaty." Charles Dickens

© sbruce 2011
Published as an op-ed in the 11-25-11 edition of the Conway Daily Sun newspaper.


SqueekyFromm said...

Very good Internet Article! The silliest part of the whole thing is that the Birthers' legal basis is imaginary. There isn't and never has been any two citizen parent requirement. The least little bit of research on NON-Birther websites will confirm this. It is like Mass Hypnosis or something has taken a hold of them.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

CraftyVeggie said...

The hateful far right cannot run nor hide from their overt racism and intolerance, all the illogical emotions that Jesus rejected and encouraged others to also do. As a broken record, I'll repeat the most troubling part of it all. That these sentiments have so many vehement if not violent supporters, which tie them very closely to those with whom they constantly wish to wage war. Which perhaps exemplifies how the species of human animal is more alike than "they" would care to acknowledge. The fact that bible punching holier than thou Christians demand to walk the streets armed with guns, negates instantly their love and indeed belief for the Savior. It also spotlights the fact that our education system is abysmal and this will prove fatal for the nation in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, that was so cool that I want to have your babies! Only, I'm 44, and I fear my childbearing years are over. How about a coffee if you ever get to Aus?
very, VERY cool article! (Birthers and despots)

susanthe said...

Aus, as in Texas? You nut!

Norbrook said...

Excellent op-ed! Those of us who have followed the birther movement for a while were not surprised that Orly would show up in New Hampshire, but what surprised me was that there would be any elected officials willing to be seen within a hundred yards of her.

Anonymous said...

What about the ct ssi number?

Norbrook said...

>>What about the ct ssi number?

It's meaningless. The Social Security Administration had,long before the President applied for a SSN, stopped using the first three numbers as a "state specific" identifier.

Every complaint, every "justification" the birthers come up with come down to one thing: The President is black. Really, we know that.

Anonymous said...

Birthers refuse to accept the fact that a MAJORITY of Americans elected a Black man as President.
They constantly scream about "Take our Country back", take it back from whom? The Majority who voted for Obama?
Nothing but a bunch of sore loser racists!