Saturday, April 07, 2012

Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

A recent letter in the Conway Sun comes from Jim Shuff, a Freedom resident who has, essentially, been writing the same letter to the editor about me for at least a decade.

His latest rantlet is at least humorous, though probably not in the way he intended:

I had to chuckle while reading the two letters in a recent paper concerning a letter from Bill Catalucci. While I missed Bill C's letter and do not know what it was about, I have to wonder if these same folks would go along with banning the offensive rants of Susan and Bill that are published weekly as Conway Daily Sun contributors?

Mr. Shuff admits rather blithely that he didn't even read the letter people complained about. Armed with absolutely no knowledge, he bravely goes forth to take potshots at other writers.

This is why the Republican Party is in trouble. Willful ignorance and stupidity can't sustain the conservative movement indefinitely.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly! My thoughts precisely while reading his laughably ignorant letter. One of his party's supporters has already shared with me the deplorable conditions of Section 8 Housing in areas of African American North Carolina, that the Catholic Church should not be interfered with, that the Supreme Court is far too liberal. And there we have it. Ignorance, uneducated conclusions that are racially biased and intolerant.
So much for the holier than thous Christian right. Bet they all enjoyed murdered animals and verbally crucifying the President yesterday, celebrating their hypocritically correct "Easter".