Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maynard Thomson, Again

Imagine you were a GOP County Chairman - and you were so arrogant that you didn't think that properly filling out expenditure forms (the ones all political committees and candidates are expected to file) applied to you. You - a lawyer, unable to properly fill out simple forms. Too busy writing your next romance novel perhaps?

Imagine that you resigned your County Chairmanship on the very same day that the NH Attorney General sent you a cease and desist letter, warning you that you were in violation of RSA 664:6. Then imagine that you went to work for Rick Perry's campaign. You remember Rick Perry?

If you were so thoroughly, publicly disgraced would you be writing letters to the editor that criticized ANYONE?

You would, apparently, if you were utterly lacking in common sense, conscience, or propriety. You would if you were Maynard Thomson.

Now, some history. Maynard Thomson has something of an obsession with me. He's been writing letters to the editor about me for over a decade. Those letters failed to get him any response, so he's also tried sending me personal letters. I didn't ask to receive mail from Mr. Thomson. This was all done on his own. And it was done as an attempt to intimidate me into shutting up.

I'm not the only woman he's sent these little billet-doux to. He's tried to intimidate at least 2 other women of my acquaintance by sending them letters. He's never sent a personal letter to a male columnist or letter writer - so it's clear that his creepy intent is to shut women up.

Maynard's last attempt at shutting me up came in the spring of 2009. I mentioned him in a column, and the brilliant barrister read it - but lacked sufficient comprehension skills, apparently, because he sent a letter threatening to sue me. At the same time, he attempted blackmail. If I would only publicly apologize for what I wrote about him, in my column, than he'd call off the lawyers, but other than that, he was going to sue me. At the end of this creepy missive, he suggested I meet him for coffee or a drink.

Instead, I took a shower. Ugh.

Then I wrote back. You can read my response here.

Thomson is the kind of snide, privileged white man who overestimates his own intelligence, and is pompous and arrogant as a result.

His latest missive to the Conway Daily Sun attempts to chide me (as usual) for being an idiot, while using highly selective "facts" in order to do so. This is, by the way, a change. Usually he doesn't bother with citing any kind of facts, he just makes pronouncements.

"It's a shame that columnist Susan Bruce's passion to demonize Republicans leads her into credibility-shattering errors, since her May 11 column, "Reverse Migration," contains some valid points.
The most blatant error is her bald assertion that "the state's unemployment rate has increased since the O'Brien junta took control." That rates a "Huh?"
The Republicans, with Bill O'Brien as Speaker, took control of the House in December 2011. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Hampshire's unemployment rate on November 31, 2010, the last full month of Democratic control, was 5.8 percent. According to the BLS, on March 31, 2012 (the latest data available), our unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, an over 10 percent decline."

You'll notice he goes for the last month of "Democratic control" so that he doesn't have to cite the actual TRUTH. Thomson is a fan of selective use of "facts."

According to the very same BLS that Thomson is playing fast and loose with, for the month of June 2011, the NH unemployment rate was 4.9%. That was the last month of the budget from the former biennium - the DEMOCRAT'S budget.

The following month, according to the very same BLS the NH unemployment numbers jumped to 5.2%.

That's one month into the O'Brien Freebaglican budget.

In other words, Maynard Thomson is generating a great deal of florid prose that boils down to one thing: bullshit.

"I've asked Ms. Bruce in the past to sit down with me and see if we can't find common ground on some of these matters."

I can't think of a single reason why I'd sit down with a disgraced former County chair, serial liar, and utterly creepy guy.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you've been subjected to clearly creepy behavior. I cannot help but see all members of the Right in this way - creepy. Their hypocrital words and behavior, and their very white apartheid rhetoric and behavior, lump them all into one category - pathetic white males and the women who follow in their steps are equally creepy.