Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thin-skinned John Bircher

Apparently I've gone and ticked off the John Birch Society. Check out this poorly written screed, filled with a lot of interesting assumptions on Mr. Hal Shurtleff's part about what I "have no problems" with.

The writer is Hal Shurtleff, a regional field director for the John Birch Society. The conversation I've been having with him is beginning to cause him to unravel. This is one thin-skinned employee of a hate group:

Conway Daily Sun

Here's a video of Hal dispensing some agitprop to his flock:

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, really? It's just such a silly, and unimaginative lie. Obama isn't nearly interesting enough to have been friends with them. He's a very conservative centrist Democrat. The right wingers have worked damned hard to persuade the mouth breathers of the nation that Obama is  a Commie, a socialist, a pinko, - when in reality, he's less liberal than Richard Nixon was.

But, for the JBS, any port in the storm to try to discredit the guy in the White House. That the guy  happens to be black is surely just a coincidence, where the JBS is concerned.

A little Carlin to cleanse your palate:


Timothy Horrigan said...

Oddly, Hal Shurtleff lives in Taxxachusetts. Hasn't he heard that there are no taxes here in the Free Shire of New Hampshire?

Anonymous said...

Another great piece Susan. And I didn't know that Hal Shirtless is also Hal Truthless since he lives in Taxachusetts? Unbelievable. Carlin remains my very favorite and I'm glad I got to see him many years ago in RI. The JBS just happens to be racists and they just happen to be transparent about this and it just so happens that they cannot disguise this truth. I wonder how their God happens to feel about them. As it happens, their God must be lily white and probably also happens to be a male. Let's guess. ALL JBS'rs happen to be white gun toting bible punching apartheid like gay bashing pornographic swapping vastly uneducated males.