Friday, January 18, 2013

Former NH State Rep. Wants Current Legislators Arrested

Former State Rep. Robert Kingsbury of Laconia is back in the news. Rep. Kingsbury served one term in the NH House, where he sponsored a bill calling for the insertion of quotes from the Magna Carta into each new piece of legislation. He went on to further distinguish himself by revealing the results of a study he'd been doing for 16 years that proves that kindergarten causes crime. That's right - kindergarten is the cause for rising crime rates. Well, kindergarten, the decline of gun ownership, and the fact that boxing is no longer taught in schools.

Representative Kingsbury was frequently mentioned in the national media and was fodder for late night TV as a result of his work during that single term in the legislature.

He's back in the news today. According to the Laconia Daily Sun, Kingsbury asked the police to arrest two Laconia legislators:

Former State Rep. Robert Kingsbury yesterday asked police to arrest two city Democratic state representatives for violating their oath of office to uphold the state Constitution because they voted to reinstate the prohibition against carrying firearms into the Statehouse.Kingsbury, a Republican who served one term representing Laconia in Concord, sat through an hour-long Laconia Police Commission meeting yesterday before making his request to arrest Rep. Beth Arsenault and retired Judge and Rep. David Huot.He began his statements by reading portions of the New Hampshire Constitution, the United States Constitution and explaining to the commissioners how all police authority is local.

It is worth pointing out that the ban on guns in the State House was enacted during a GOP controlled House in the 1970's. The GOP had control of the NH House for 150 years, and didn't lose it until 2006. That ban was in effect for an awfully long time - until Speaker O'Brien ended it in 2010. I don't recall former Rep. Kingsbury calling for any arrests in the decades leading up to the overturning of the ban.

This does, perhaps, illustrate why he's a former State Rep instead of a current one.

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