Saturday, February 16, 2013

NH Rep. Suggests "Voluntary Euthanasia"

There he  is, with a Santorum sign. I wonder what Santorum would make of this?

William Tucker at Miscellany Blue had this bit of ugliness:

Reports are circulating that state House Rep. Donald LeBrun (R-Nashua) publicly suggested people with disabilities should consider “voluntary euthanasia.”

 Representative LeBrun sits on the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee.

Donald LeBrun was first elected to the NH House in 2008. He's been a supporter of some mean-spirited and odious bills in the past and present. Like this one - a bill requiring mandatory drug testing of NH food stamp recipients. This would have cost the state millions, while saving us exactly zero dollars. My blog comments got the GOP all worked up.  Kevin Smith of the allegedly pro-family, pro-life Cornerstone Policy Research Center clutched his pearls:

Today, I call on the leaders in New Hampshire’s ‘progressive’ movement to denounce Blue Hampshire’s use of such inflammatory rhetoric and pledge to no longer use the site should such discourse continue to be permitted.”
Yet Smith never addressed the bill itself - a bill that would have potentially taken food out of the mouths of children. Apparently starving children are nothing in comparison to "inflammatory rhetoric."

This year, LeBrun is the lead sponsor of HB 121, a bill requiring drug testing for applicants to TANF. (Temporary Aid to Needy Families.)  Rep. LeBrun seems to have a  fixation on forcing poor people to pee into cups.

In March of 2011, 90 year old GOP freshman legislator Martin Harty was forced to resign after telling a constituent that it was too bad that we couldn't send folks with disabilities to Siberia so they could freeze to death. The outcry against Harty's remarks was instantaneous and it was loud.

That's why I'm wondering why LeBrun's commentary is getting the silent treatment. Certainly no condemnations from the allegedly pro-life Cornerstone Policy Research Center on LeBrun's very ANTI-life comment. Nothing from any of the NH pro-life organizations. Nothing from the NH GOP.

Where's Kevin Smith to decry LeBrun's "inflammatory rhetoric?"

This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy I expect from the fauxlifers and the GOP.

BUT - the silence is also deafening from the Democrats. Nothing from the House leadership. Nothing from the Democrats who serve on LeBrun's committee.  And nothing from the NHDP.

Do people with disabilities matter so little to our elected officials that they're willing to ignore this statement?

At the very least, LeBrun should be called upon to explain himself.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it always the way? Smith and his cohorts, alledged Constitionists are the first ones to fail when it comes to allowing free speech and life and liberty to others. Their hypocrisy is deafening. I noticed quite a few years ago, that we are now a one party political system. The Dems and Repubs merged and the rest is merely smoke and mirrors for the consumption of the human waste that is us. As to the euthanasia that "they" advocate, this must only mean that "they" don't believe the holocaust took place and that besides global warming, the Nazi era is also manufactured. Do these sick individuals share the same America as the rest of us? Somalia calls or better still, shared space with the Hubbell telescope.

Robert Olcott said...

Does the Bill clarify whether "Disabled" persons have a "temporary" or "permanent" disability (and what the likelihood of recovery might be, if they didn't elect to be immediately euthanized; and who should make that determination); not that it should make any difference. This "Representative" of ALL the people of his district in Nashua should be Censured, at minimum (although resigning seems in order).
Perhaps Representatives who make such outrageous statements should be Euthanized..if our Criminal Codes and Legislative Ethical policies were to permit it!