Friday, March 22, 2013

Free State Frat Boys

This is a video made by a Free Stater named Dave Ridley. Dave spends his days skulking about the NH State House and the Legislative Office Building, waiting to stick his camera in the face of some unsuspecting non-Republican state rep, and attempt to get them on camera saying things that will gin up his flock of Free Stater dudebros.

The thing is, New Hampshire's 400 person legislature is populated by volunteers. NH does not have a professional legislature. These people are average citizens who get $100 a year for the pleasure of being harassed by clowns like Ridley. They wade through hundreds of proposed bills every year. The state reps do not have offices. They do not have secretaries. Some of them travel great distances to get to Concord, to work for free. This is a citizen legislature. These are hardly slick politicos - these are regular folks, trying to do the right thing for our state.

I am sorry to be posting this. I hate the idea of giving Ridley the exposure, or adding to his Bitcoin collection. The reason I'm putting this video up is simple - I want you to read the comments.

You can read the comments right here.

The comment section provides some real insight into the mind of the average Free Stater. In the comments Representative Mary Stuart Gile, a woman who serves the state of NH with no thought for financial gain,  a mother, a grandmother, and a woman who has a  Ph.D in education is referred to as a "fascist bitch" and an  especially ugly word that begins with "c" by these frat boys.

This kind of ugliness is why the Free State Project will fail.

And in case anyone gets the idea to scrub and deny that comment section, I have screenshots.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. One of the commenters Fightthejoker I believe, echoed my thoughts. Like myself, he too has no children but believes deeply in a solid and far better education system than we currently have. As for the interviewer - ignorant, pathetic, lame, dull - and therefore undoubtedly - uneducated. This may just be sadly,the type of thinking that breeds the mindless scum who join Aryan groups such as the one who recently gunned down a number of people and thankfully died himself in a high speed car chase. I still hear Somalia calling and that country has their names on it. AND better still, Somalia loves "bits of coins" and guns!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Susan, for once again revealing the shenanigans of not-quite-old-enough-to-shave Dave Ridley. If he's the voice of the FSP, they are a silly, adolescent lot. I don't think Ms. Gile went far enough. This stunted little boy redefines almost every word he uses before he uses it, and then he expects his audience to accept his definitions. That's called VERBAL BULLYING and I would not enable it.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I can't watch the video, I know enough about Ridley, his followers and the general Boy's Town Baffonery of the Free State Project/Party to have had quite my fill quite awhile ago.

But, thanks to people like Susan, their antics will not go unnoticed. Like most other undesirable cretins, they operate best in the dark and light of truth dissolves their power.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

YouTube commentary is the Turner Diaries of the Internet.

Ridely seems to attracted a particularly virulent strain of mouthbreather with this one. What is the Right's obsession with Saul Alinsky? The guy has been dead for 30+ years and Rule's for Radicals is far from the blueprint for a takeover. I recently reread it and a lot of it is hideously dated which makes the panic over it that much more hilarious.

SFK Josh