Friday, September 05, 2014

Jerry DeLemus: Calm, Level-Headed Candidate for Sheriff

This is Jerry DeLemus:

Jerry's running for Sheriff in Strafford County. He's just the kind of calm, level headed individual you'd want to have running the Sheriff's department. 

He was Cliven (welfare rancher) Bundy's security guy during the Big Bundy Ranch Faceoff. In fact, Jerry's the guy who sent Jerad and Amanda Miller away from the ranch. They went on to Las Vegas and killed 2 cops and a civilian. Jerry's one of Glenn Beck's 912 acolytes, and has a group in Rochester. He's also an Oath Keeper, and a proponent of the Constitutional Sheriff's movement. 

As you can see in the video, Jerry's a big fan of the Second Amendment. 

He sure doesn't like Scott Brown. He hates Obamacare too. 

Those of you who have been wondering what the GOP plan for health care is? MOAR GUNZ. That way when you get sick, you can just shoot yourself. 

h/t James Pindell


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Anonymous said...

Having a good laugh, thank you Susan, because sadly you are absolutely right. Yes we could just shoot ourselves right? OR, some whack job out there with an axe to grind for all of humanity would take pot shots at this Sheriff who then may NOT take too kindly to #2? He has a big mouth now, but as soon as he experiences first hand a Ferguson muck up, will find himself at the wrong end of #2. Narrow mindedness usually leads to illumination under dire circumstances.