Friday, April 10, 2015

Why NH Can't Have Nice Things

From the April 10 NH House Calendar:

SB 101, prohibiting the state from requiring implementation of common core standards. MAJORITY: OUGHT TO PASS. MINORITY: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE.
Rep. Glenn Cordelli for the Majority of Education. Common core has been a divisive and confusing issue for local districts and in the state. This bill states clearly that the common core standards are not required to be implemented in any school district. 

Vote 11-9.
Rep. Barbara E. Shaw for the Minority of Education. No law in New Hampshire requires school districts to adopt the common core standards, nor has it been mandated by the department of education. Therefore, SB 101 is unnecessary. 

This is a perfect illustration of the current NH legislature. 


Unknown said...

Welcome to NH Legislature Kabuki theater.

Put on a show just in case anyone is actually paying attention.

Any word on how the Legislature plans on fixing the 300+ "Structurally Deficient" bridges in our State?

Nope. Not a single word.

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

That Issue won't be worth talking about until a Bridge comes crashing down and there are some DEAD people buried under the rubble.

xteeth said...

Aren't these the folks that complain every year about the number of laws being excessive. I guess, once again, consistency is the hobgoblin .................