Friday, July 24, 2015

Free Staters Planning to Commit Voter Fraud

I found this on a sub-reddit

Our would-be overlords of the Free State Project seem to have cooked up a scheme to commit voter fraud in NH. That would be REPUBLICAN voter fraud, by the way. 

As you can see, "Starry Chloe" the poster lists the tired, old, unproven, canard: "busloads of people from Massachusetts." These clowns repeat the GOP line endlessly without a single thought. If Democrats bus people in, why are Republicans holding the majority in the NH House and Senate?

One of the comments on this post is from Tom Ploszaj, a Free Stater living in Grafton, NH who ran as a Democrat - and lost. Free Staters are encouraged to run as Democrats if they think it will help them get elected, even though they vote with the GOP. There are currently two fake Democrats from the FSP serving in the NH House, Elizabeth Edwards and Amanda Bouldin. 

In this video, we see former State Rep. Mark Warden advising Free Staters to run in any party they can get elected in. Sitting next to him is former State Rep. Michael Garcia, who served one term as a fake Democrat and had his ass handed to him by voters in the next election. 

I'm eager to hear GOP outrage over their own allies planning to commit voter fraud, especially from Free State Project admirer and NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn.

Horn said the group’s philosophy is “something that’s right in line with the Republican Party.”   
"For the most part," explained Horn, "the Free State Project has been very much a movement with character that I think has probably been a positive thing in our state.”
Tell us Jennifer - is voter fraud right in line with GOP values and character? 

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Andre Rosa said...

1) Does this mean you support the Republican legislation limiting same-day voter registration?

2) the NHGOP has no idea about this, and neither do most Republicans, because they don't do the research like you. Would you agree?

3) How is Elizabeth Edwards a fake Democrat when she received an HRA score of 54.9%

4) Do you believe those advocating voter fraud on reddit are involved in any substantial way in state politics? The free staters you know who are involved, while you may find them deplorable for other reasons, also support limiting same-day voter registration. How do you resolve evidence showing free staters trying to both plan committing voter fraud AND preventing it?

I'll take my answers of the air. Thanks.

susanthe said...

The real question, Andre Rosa, Free Stater and Republican - is why is your cult engaging in voter fraud? Aren't there enough of you here yet to initiate an armed takeover?

I notice you don't defend Amanda Bouldin. Is that because her HRA score was 74.7%? HRA is House Republican Alliance, for the uninitiated. Former Speaker of the House Gene Chandler, a lifelong Republican had a lower score than fake Democrat Amanda Bouldin. Would you say, Andre of the Free State Project and Republican Party, that Amanda Bouldin defrauded the voters in her district by pretending to be a Democrat to get elected, then voting with the GOP?

The NHGOP is very comfortable with voter fraud as long as they are the ones initiating it. Bill O'Brien's son voted in Maine and NH. Jeb Bradley's son voted in Colorado and NH. The actual real, proven cases of voter fraud in this state have been committed by Republicans. Not the bullshit stories of "busloads of people from Massachoosetts."

Free Staters will do anything to advance their agenda. There's a complete lack of scruples in your cult. Your fourth question answers itself.

I DO appreciate the confirmation that the subredditors are Free Staters.

Thanks for playing, Andre. We have some lovely parting gifts, including a week's vacation on the island Jason Sorens wanted to buy for the FSP hierarchy (not you rank and file types) with Chris Cantwell as your roommate! Send postcards, please!

Andre Rosa said...

You reported they were free staters. I did not confirm anything. I do not know any of those users. I assumed you were correct. If you did not verify they were free staters prior and are using my previous comment as confirmation, I will have to question the validity of your statements from now on.

Will send photos and postcards! sounds like a blast!

susanthe said...

How cleverly you avoid answering my questions, Andre. Did Amanda Bouldin defraud the voters of her district by pretending to be something she is not? Yes or No - it's quite simple.

I was so sad that you chose not to engage in a performance piece at the Senate budget hearings this year. I was looking forward to another epistle from you about how disgusting the people with disabilities are. I see you've removed your Roboboy post entitled "I'm a Narcissistic Cultist" from your blog. Imagine my surprise that you'd want to censor that bit of nastiness from the public eye.

susanthe said...

For those who wish to read the charming observations of Free Stater and Republican Andre Rosa, for the time being (until he decides to self censor again) look here:

Mark Wolf said...

All I see is an anonymous poster on reddit claiming to support the FSP. Do you have anything more tangible linking starrychloe to the FSP? Without, this could be from anyone, even someone aligned against the FSP, or some random nutter from the GOP or Ds trying to make each other look bad. There's no way to know :(

susanthe said...

Mark Wolf - why would the Republicans want to make themselves look bad? The Free Staters are allied with the GOP.

Artemisia said...

Thank you, Susan, for the research you do. This stuff is ridiculous. When our freedom-deprived friends release their "liberty" scorecard, it makes it easy to point out the fake Democrats.