Saturday, November 14, 2015

He's Lost His Marples

Dick Marple (pictured above) is a NH State Representative from Hooksett. He's well known for taking some peculiar positions on issues - like his 2008 opinion that a woman can't legally be elected president.

The NH legislature has an internal email system that is supposed to be used for doing The People's business - official communications. Far too often, it's used to spread offensive communiques. ( Like this one: Vagina's and Children First

Representative Marple was moved by the events in Paris to send this out to all of his fellow representatives:

Offensive? ✔ 

It's also a lot of bunkum. Marple links to a YouTube video that is supposed to fuel the anger of his fellow white American  incoherents, narrated, curiously by a fellow with a British accent. The video
is available here:

The video is completely debunked by SNOPES here:

This man is an elected representative from the state of NH. He's using the NH House internal email system (paid for by NH taxpayers) to spread fear, hate, and xenophobia. 

Diaper heads. That's what an adult man is sending out as a message to his colleagues. 

The NH GOP covers our state with glory once again. 

Tuck over at Miscellany Blue and I attended the same choir practice yesterday. 


samiinh said...

I thought he was talking about David Vetter.

Jerry S said...

Pity the poor man. He has to live with himself.

Brian Loudermilch said...

"You Can't Fix Stupid" - Rom White - Blue collar comedy tour.

I guess Ron White is familiar with some of our elected Representatives.

That's also a valid description of a large part of the NH Electorate.

Lucky Us.