Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Comment Policy

If all you have are gratuitous insults, don't bother. I'm not publishing them anymore. 

Be smart, be witty, be snarky - but above all be interesting. Or be gone. 

The Management 


Junior Mints said...

Is bad grammar and spelling ok? Thank you for this blog. I am sorry you are bombarded with such vitriol. Those liberteabaggers sure do keep it classy. The same ones that scream and yell persecution when ever they are faced with criticism. Oh that right wing hypocrisy. So cute.

lakelady said...

About time, Susan. You are head and shoulders above the Steven Connolly types. Simply don't respond. Don't get dragged into their garbage, continue to hold your head high. Fight the good fights, leave the dirty fights to die on their own doorsteps. Because in the end they will.

Artemisia said...

Way to go Susan. Force those losers to get a life. The amount of time they spend harassing liberals online is mind boggling. If I spent that much time following THEM, I'm sure I'd be fired from my job for not getting anything done. Which begs the eternal question: Is living in Mommy's basement and trolling all day a "job"?