Saturday, August 27, 2016

NH State Rep Takes the GOP Clown Car for a Ride

     NH State Representative Gary Hopper with Donald Trump. 

In this video, Hopper provides his (illegal) solution to the stealing of Trump signs: 

This is the libertea Republican trifecta - violence garnished with name calling AND a sprinkling of homophobia. Apparently that's Hopper's "safe place." 

From the Hopper archives: 

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Guns Don't Kill People, Divorced Women Kill People

Photo stolen from Tuck at Miscellany Blue


fp said...

I wis I'd known about that when someone stole my "Bernie" sign.

tworavens said...

"Commie scum?" Were McCarthy and Hoover around today, Trump and all his supporters would be in prison awaiting hearings and possibly lengthy terms of imprisonment in high security facilities for doing business with a known communist enemy of the state. If ANYONE is "commie scum" it is Trump and his supporters. As for an elected Rep. actually demonstrating something violent and illegal - I have to wonder where Homeland Security is? Help!