Sunday, January 01, 2017

NH House HHS Committee - Leadership to be Proud Of

                                                  That's LeBrun with the Santorum sign

State Representative Donald LeBrun  (R-Nashua) has just been elected to his fourth term in the NH House. He's also been elevated to a leadership position. Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper appointed LeBrun to be Vice Chair of the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee. 

According to LeBrun's website :

I will legislate to cut spending, cut taxes, and downsize government.
I will fight to reform (not cut) entitlement programs by identifying fraudulent claims and mismanagement. This will enable programs to continue without being cut.
I will represent my constituents to the best of my ability.
I will always be open, honest, and available. I will work diligently to fulfill the wishes of the majority regardless of party affiliation.
I will work with my colleagues toward a better, more efficient government in New Hampshire based on the state constitution.
No mention of health. No mention of human services - only fraud. Absolutely no mention of/or concern for the elderly. No interest in the future of our state, education, natural resources, or infrastructure. For LeBrun it's all about cutting spending and taxes. 
In 2011, LeBrun sponsored a bill to create mandatory drug testing for food stamp recipients.
In 2013, LeBrun sponsored a bill to create mandatory drug testing for TANF beneficiaries. Here's my report on the hearing:
Even more egregious - in 2013, LeBrun gave his thoughts about people with disabilities: 
Donald LeBrun is quoted as saying, “Rather than spend money on people with disabilities we have another choice, Voluntary Euthanasia….”
He didn't get kicked off his committee. It wasn't much of a news story. None of the alleged Christian groups who prey on the legislature said boo. 
Naturally, LeBrun denied this. He was telling a story, he said. 
Except that it's consistent with his actions ever since he was elected to the House. 
And now, this man who thinks we should engage in "voluntary euthanasia" to cut disability spending has been elevated to a leadership position in the NH House. 

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xteeth said...

I find it entertaining to remember those "Death Panels" that so disturbed Republicants and blamed upon Democrats as part of healthcare which were thought up by Georgia Republicant senator Johnny Isaacson.