Saturday, March 04, 2017

Hoell Lotta Nonsense

This is one of seven posts on the Facebook page of NH State Representative JR Hoell on the subject of HB 478.

This is HB 478:

Women don't need  JR Hoell or any of his ilk  to protect us. Women know very well what kind of people are a threat to our safety. They aren't wearing women's clothes. They are dressed as boyfriends, husbands and fathers. They are dressed as athletes, fratboys, teachers, and bosses. They are dressed as politicians - like JR Hoell was the day in 2014 when he voted against a bill making domestic violence a stand alone crime in the state of NH.  WMUR

In fact, the men who make the most noise about protecting women are usually the biggest threat to our safety. 

JR Hoell votes against helping women at every opportunity. He votes against increasing the minimum wage. He votes against women having full bodily autonomy, by trying to make their personal medical decisions for them. He's sponsoring a bill to repeal the NH Health Protection Program which has enabled thousands of low wage working women to have access to health care. 

Another of the 7 "protect the wimmins" posts on Hoell's FB page:

This is Hoell's fourth term in the legislature. He hasn't done a damn thing for women so far. We certainly don't need his "help" in regulating our bathrooms. 


GranitePolitics said...


Yet something tells me the Venn diagram of these folks and those who support teaching creationism is mighty close to a circle.

tworavens said...

Why is the right so terrified of everything? They really do behave like cry baby, whiney teens who see shadows and danger at every turn. WE need protection from THEM!

Junior Mints said...

Is he a Free State Project aka Koch goon?

Fred Leonard said...

This is a tough issue to come up with a solution for especially in our schools...I see both sides of spectrum here and I tend to lean toward letting transgendered people choose which bathroom they want to use...dressing rooms present a different challenge...I've read some articles where schools set up separate changing areas in girls dressing rooms but that wasn't good enough...we are dealing with mostly minor kids who also deserve their right to be free from becoming uncomfortable - tough, tough issue for sure...

susanthe said...

Fred Leonard -
A warning for you: I moderate my comment section. You aren't going to be able to play the same game here that you play at Miscellany Blue. Future off topic posts won't be approved.