Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Danger of Global Communication

Since Crow Dickinson’s ill advised- remarks about Starting Point (remarks he apologized for) he’s become the hero of the men’s movement!

Angry, woman-hating men in the US and Canada have latched on to Crow Dickinson as a symbol. They think poor ole Crow is being oppressed by women. Mean, feminist women who don’t want to talk about how mean they are to men they’re divorcing, and denying parental rights to. Mean woman who don’t understand or care about how often heterosexual men are abused. They don’t care at all about gay men who are abused. I can’t decide if they’re homophobes, or if they ignore gay men because they don’t have female partners to hate on. In any case – their concern is for heterosexual men. Their concern manifests itself in anger against women, and feminists in particular. These angry, whiny, men are pillorying me in two countries now. It seems I’m a (Oh the horror) FEMINIST! A Canadian blog accused me of seeking my 15 minutes of fame by publicizing this issue. This is the kind of stupid crap that ensues when you leap on an issue, because your leader (Glenn Sacks who re-printed most of my editorial, without my permission) tells you to. None of these clowns did any research – especially into their new messiah, Crow. Not a one of them has asked themselves why it is that there isn’t a local outpouring of male support for Selectman Dickinson. They're embracing Crow Dickinson with the same fervor that the Republican party embraced Joe the Plumber - and with the same level of sense.

They don’t care about Starting Point. They’re happy to completely ignore the issue of funding the shelter, or what is right for the town, as their leader, Glenn Sacks said right on his forum. They just want to canonize Crow for “speaking the truth” about the evil female harpies they all seem to be acquainted with.

A group of them is planning to invade the deliberative meeting on Monday, at Kennett, to show their support for Crow. The very serious business of town government is about to be turned into a side-show, by a bunch of out of state freaks. That’s the power of global communication, a lesson I hope Dickinson learns. Apparently he is teachable - after that incident in 2003, he’s never again tried to bring a loaded gun on an airplane.

It’s been a long winter. Grab the popcorn – the circus is coming to town.


DissedBelief said...

Are you kidding Susan? This is both pathetic and amazing. Let me get this straight. Men who have had things their way for 2,000 years and turned "my" planet into a toilet bowl, are bitching they have no rights when it comes to abuse and parental rights? Coming from Canadian and American males it is appalling, dispicable and a commentary and how ignorant, uneducated and 3rd world we really are. I should know. Spending many years of my youth raised by a violent monster of a father in Apartheid South Africa, I understand full well abuse and its consequences. I also understand the males who support this lifestyle. They are the ones who would support Crow Dickinson. A "man" who entered an airport after 9/11 with a gun, and who feels that women are "users" "gold diggers" and worthless? Yes, I think perhaps this is where the truth lies. And herein lies another very uncomfortable truth. America has a huge problem with Islamic fundamentalism. But it appears that males here espouse many of the same ideals and beliefs, such as treating women as vassals, slaves and property. Broerderbunders one and all. And they wonder why so many heterosexual women such as myself become, to coin a popular male phrase "feminazi". This is why.

ALL-FSP said...

As a person, I am not responsible for abuseive actions of other men or women of the past nor responsible for abusive actions of fellow men or women of the present or future.

This is not black and white, man versus woman. Each abusive relationship must be solved based on the cases of abuse of that particular relationship. Not all abusive relationships are alike.

All we can do is firstly, have the Clinics open for everyone--man, woman, and child. And secondly, championing full legal justice in courtroom based on the independent facts of the case and not on preconceived prejudices of black-and-white, him versus her thinking.

We need to champion justice and not accuse and fight one group or another as the exclusive abusive group. Thinking must reject the fallacious "groups categorization" (i.e., 'A' is a male and all males are abusive, thus 'A' is abusive.) and base thinking on the personal attributes of a person (i.e., There is evidence that 'A' abused 'B'). I symphatize with anyone who has been affected by abuse.