Friday, March 20, 2009

Using the Children

On Thursday, March 26, the NH House will be voting on HB436 and HB415 on Thursday, March 26.
HB436 is a bill making marriage equality the law in our state. We've had civil unions for over a year, and the sky didn't fall, toads did not fall from the sky, and there has been no plague of locusts. Just happy couples, joined in ....union. It's time to take off the training wheels, and give our gay brethren the same rights heterosexuals enjoy.

HB415 defines gender identity and expression, and will protect transgendered persons from discrimination. This is just common sense.

As the vote gets nearer, and the GOP becomes increasingly unhinged, an out of state group called The National Organization for Marriage has spent a bunch of money on radio ads that are airing in NH.

audio clip

The ad uses children's voices to make points about marriage equality:

"Grandma, my teacher said if Grandpa was a girl, that's okay, you could still be married."

"If my dad married a man, who would be my mom?"

"I want a mommy and a daddy."

Could this be any more sleazy? They are using children to push their agenda of hate and bigotry. Someone told those children what to say, and recorded their voices.

In addition to the despicable use of children in this ad, the other message the ad sends is that the tax and spend liebruls are wasting time on issues like CIVIL RIGHTS, when they should be cutting the budget and making sure that NH provides as poor an education as possible.

The folks at NH Freedom to Marry have made it easy to contact legislators: to send an email asking them to vote for HB436 and HB415. Obviously it carries more weight if you contact your own representatives directly, to tell them how you feel.

Send a clear message that this group - who is so vile that they would put their hate speech in the mouths of children - that this group does NOT speak for the people of NH.

h/t to Dean at Blue Hampshire for the audio clip.


DissedBelief said...

Great article again Susan. Astounding to me that individuals who preach God, pro-life and piety to the rest of us, have so much hate in their own hearts and minds. War is justified by lame excuses, those wishing to wed are excluded and the list continues in its endless rhetoric. Whether they like it or not, homophobia is the one and only reason for disallowing rights. In my opinion, it is child abuse to engage children in any speech that is anti-other individuals. This includes parading children at war rallies (pro or con) and to illicit their involvement in anti-gay speech is deplorable. Yes indeed, the right-wing has so much love to share.

Thomas Maher said...

You say nothing has happened after a year of civil unions, yet we have a financial disaster, foreclosure rates crippling the nation and a collapse of the banking and automobile companies.

I should think this is enough proof on the face of it that allowing gay couples to marry will cause the complete destruction of society, not to mention my personal tragedy where I will be forced to abandon my wife of thirty years and desert my children.

While the legalization or near legalization of marijuana in nearby Massachusetts may have been a contributing cause to the a world that will look like Dawn of the dead, the final step will be to allow gays to marry.

We are all doomed and I know that my whole family will become gay within weeks of passage of this bill. I myself am already feeling the urge to paint my NRA sticker pink.