Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jon Stewart on the Democratic Super Majority

Democratic Super Majority
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DissedBelief said...

Thanks for this Susan, we only get basic cable. Jon S. is 100% correct and it's really getting harder and harder for me to see "Change" other than Obama's health care "initiative" speak! Afghanistan is being escalated which is in my opinion another needless and useless war. The Dems are pathetic! Their warmongering should be in DC not overseas.

I'm appalled at Huffposts headline this a.m. which is Letterman and his sex problems! Who cares??? Wall street dropped 200 points yesterday, our Presid. is escalating a horrible war we will NOT win and most of us don't have healthcare (STILL). Nothing has changed! This really scares me into believing more and more of those wild conspiracy theories (Loose Change lives on). Have a great weekend Susan! All good things to you and your family!