Monday, October 05, 2009

use 'em and screw 'em - it's the Murriken way

WellPoint Cuts Workers' Health Insurance Benefits

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DissedBelief said...

My hope is that the people who really need to see this are those Republicans terrified of losing whatever health coverage they have. And they realize the only SAFE coverage they have is Medicare.

When are these people going to wake up? The whole reason I and others like myself don't have any health coverage is because of the selfish few who don't want us to be cared for.

When I still worked in the "health care profession" I supervised a locked unit for years. Seniors who suffered from everything from Alzheimers to mental illness were all lumped in together and for 28 patients there was just myself and a Nurses Aid. Anyone with half a brain could deduce that the patients were getting inadequate care and certainly only the very basics. My complaints to hierarchy, patients families and finally, threats of my going to the state with complaints of abuse got me fired. That's managed "health abuse".

And guess what happened to me right here in the valley some eight years ago at a local facility? I wrote a letter to the head of nursing naming Nurses Aides who I felt had abused patients. The Director, yelling at me in public complained that because I had "put it in writing" she was obligated to report this to the state and that I was nothing but trouble. And yes, I was nudged out of there too.

People really have no idea what goes on in the "health care" field and the stories I could tell are nightmarish. Why do these things take place? Because its for FOR PROFIT!! Wake up America. If you think your loved one's are being taken care of you are sorely mistaken. If you don't have a personal advocate, either a family member etc. as your voice when you don't have one, guess what? Your'e screwed!!

Thanks again for posting this Susan, didn't see it!