Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More fun and games from the Fetus Fetishists

Antis outside Louisville, KY clinic start wearing fake escort vests

Anti-choicers have taken to wearing orange vests outside Louisville, KY clinics - the same kind of vests that clinic escorts wear. Clinic escorts are needed, of course, because of harassers like these who are allowed to stand outside clinics and browbeat women as they go into clinics.

A look at what it's like:

h/t to feministing for bringing this to our attention.

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DissedBelief said...

Yes I continue to be in love with the Broederbonder hypocrites. The deep desire to plunder other countries cultures and peoples with lies and deceit escapes their IQ. Their desire to carry guns everywhere including into the State House doesn't occur as completely absurd to them. Their Nazi behavior also appears to escape them. So they MUST above all else, sprinkle the magic powder of disguise by appearing to save unborn life. Unless it belongs to dirty stinking foreigners, and all those not of the white male persuasion. By the way, I'd love to view statistics of these individuals protesting outside of "alien" and foreign frequented abortion clinics.

The grand old pathetic party must be in love with Obama who is carrying Bush & his disgusting policies to a whole new level.