Monday, January 04, 2010

An Update on the Company My Husband Kept

Well, it seems that my last contact at NY Life truly was wonderful.(The check really was in the mail!) Her name is Donna Shoop, and I hope that if you ever have to call them, that you get to speak to her. Donna was incredibly helpful - and she actually followed up with me, something no one else I'd spoken to at this giant corporation had bothered to do. Donna - thank you! I praised you to your boss - so I hope you hear about it.

That's one part of the story - here's the rest.

On New Year's Eve (last Thursday) I had a call from a higher up in the claims department. We finally connected today. She told me that in the course of reviewing recent claims, she realized that I'd had a pretty crappy NY Life experience. I don't buy it. Last Thursday there were 4 visits to my blog from NY Life. Somehow, someone became aware that I was blogging about them, and they decided that I was important enough to respond to. Given that I'm a small town yokel, with a pretty limited audience, this really is kind of amusing.

As always, I'm grateful for the power that I have as a result of being an op-ed writer and a blogger - but as always I am aware of the people who don't have that kind of power, and it is deeply disturbing.

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