Monday, August 23, 2010

Get a Job, Ya Bums

We've all heard the mantra of how the long term unemployed are lazy bums who should "go get a job at McDonalds."

The wealthy folk who blame the unemployed for their plight also seem to believe that there are unlimited job openings available at the McDonald's fast food restaurant chain. A number of job seekers in northern Nevada and California recently discovered that there the job openings at the chain are actually finite:

Thousands of job seekers turned out at McDonald’s stores in Nevada and California today as part of a “Hiring Day” event.
McDonald’s plans to hire about 1,000 people across 600 restaurants in the Pacific-Sierra region, which includes Northern Nevada and California.

From the Sacramento Bee:

About 300 applied at Courtney Ristuben's five McDonald's locations in Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks and Folsom. There, she saw "people from (age) 16 to folks with families; people with four-year degrees to others with résumés two pages long."

The scene was repeated at McDonald's restaurants from Sacramento to Visalia, Reno to the San Francisco Bay Area, with managers describing lines that formed around restaurants and spilled into parking lots, said Julie Wenger, a McDonald's regional marketing manager.

Apparently even the McDonald's chain doesn't have over 15 million job openings.

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DissedBelief said...

Thanks for posting this Susan. Proof positive of the "state" of the nation. The real bums are those who are happy to continue the strained and ugly atmosphere of finger pointing and sitting on their duffs bemoaning the "liberal" agenda. I don't see any liberalism because there isn't any, except of course for social security, medicare and medicaid. And they're working on getting rid of them too through programs that fatten their coffers such as "privatization" and "capitalism". Canada appears to balance both worlds very successfully.