Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Look at Layoffs Around the Country

This is just a sampling of layoffs announced during the last seven days. The economic recovery we keep hearing about seems to be a well kept secret.

In Trenton, NJ a notice was sent out to all 1200 city employees, notifying them that layoffs were coming:

An estimated 111 police officers and 70 firefighters could be out of jobs, while 200 other city workers face unemployment.

In Massachusetts:

A second round of layoffs began yesterday at Northeast Hospital Corp., as the health care organization looks to eliminate up to 100 full-time positions.

Corporate handed out pink slips to personnel ranging from vice presidents to nurses yesterday at the nonprofit organization's three hospitals, Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester, Beverly Hospital and BayRidge Hospital in Lynn, and two outpatient centers, Beverly Hospital at Danvers and the Cable Center in Ipswich.

In Kansas:

Cessna Aircraft Co. is issuing 75 layoff notices to employees at its Independence, Kan., plant Wednesday and Thursday, company spokesman Doug Oliver said.

In Mississippi:

The Masonite Mill in Laurel announced Wednesday they have laid off 83 employees saying market conditions are forcing the reduction in staff.

In Connecticut:

Officials from Pratt & Whitney have told union workers that the company will be eliminating 129 hourly jobs at the Cheshire Engine Center, union officials said.

In Utah:

LAYTON -- Officials with Citi Commerce Solutions announced Wednesday they are laying off about 120 workers at the firm's credit card service center in Layton.
The center at 2195 University Park Blvd. employs about 540 people and supports the private label credit division for Citigroup Inc.

In New York:

DeWitt, NY--New Process Gear Inc. Tuesday notified the New York State Department of Labor that it plans to lay off 107 workers in November.

In Florida:

MANATEE — Mosaic cut 140 employees from its South Fort Meade mine staff today as a result of the pending closure at the 10,885-acre tract.

In Nebraska:

An Omaha company that sells veterinarian products and equipment will lay off about 300 workers and sell all its assets.
Professional Veterinary Products said Friday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection to help facilitate the sale of its assets.

In Pennsylvania:

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — Defense contractor BAE Systems plans to lay off 124 workers - half of the work force - at its western Pennsylvania plant beginning in mid-October.

In Arkansas:
Fort Smith, Ark. - Whirlpool has expanded its planned layoff of refrigerator factory workers here this fall.
Whirlpool didn't say how many workers would be affected by the actions, but local TV station KFSM-TV projected the number of pink slips at between 600 and 1,000.

In Missouri:

Food-and-facility services giant Aramark laid off 78 workers in St. Louis last month.

In Ohio:

AKRON, Ohio - Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic announced on Tuesday that the city will lay off 49 police officials, including 40 officers and 9 supervisors.

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DissedBelief said...

What aren't the Tea Party Ya's asking their annointed Koch Brothers to bail them out? Perhaps that's because many of them are business associates of the mega billionaires and their piddly mindless little followers continue to support them with their Brawny Towel and StainMaster etc. purchases. Interesting also how Binny doesn't knock big business when speaking about the economy. Bedmates make cozy partners.