Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Indiana Plans Ahead

From HuffPo:

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is beefing up its security ahead of the holidays, when officials expect a seasonal surge in unemployment claims and extra stress for long-term jobless who might miss benefits because of Congress.

If Congress doesn't reauthorize extended unemployment insurance, which expires at the end of November, the National Employment Law Project estimates that two million people will prematurely miss checks by the end of December.

The holidays are stressful enough for people who are working. So far Indiana is the only state that is increasing security at employment offices, but other states may follow, depending on whether Congress reauthorizes unemployment benefits or not.

Congress will have only two weeks from the time it reconvenes until the deadline for reauthorizing the benefits.

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DissedBelief said...

Republicans hate spending money unless it's on killing, or themselves. Now they have gained many seats back, let's see. The man of tan (who is about as eloquent as my shoes and his former W) and his party, had better do a lot better. Will they put their money where their mouths are? They never have up until now. This may be good for getting Obama re-elected.

susanthe said...

I don't want Obama to be reelected. He's one reason for this mess - he's been utterly incapable of leadership. Now he can triangulate to his heart's content - and that is what he's all about.

DissedBelief said...

Always enjoy your responses Susan. Thank you. I don't disagree, but I worry about a potential weak Dem. candidate who will lose to another W. Too far ahead perhaps, but we'll see how the Reich publicans and highly caffeinated tea'rs perform. Really sad Ayotte got in. She appears very right wing to me.

susanthe said...

I blame Obama for an utter lack of leadership, for being weak and bipartisan, and the Democrats for squandering the majority for 2 years.

We need a strong, principled opposition party. The Democrats are too weak and fearful. Hodes ran the worst campaign ever - GOP lite. No principles. No spine.

I'm all finished with the Dems. I registered as undeclared yesterday. They just aren't strong enough, or lefty enough for me.

DissedBelief said...

Amen Susan. One cannot argue with you that the Dems are spineless and lack a true mandate, at least one they are proud to advertise. Just listened to Obama and eloquent as usual, but same old same old. As to them not being lefty enough - I can only fantasize of a day when voices are raised without fear and without being muzzled.