Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where's MY Government Health Care?

Andy Harris is a newly elected Congressman from Maryland. He's an anesthesiologist who ran on a repealing "Obamacare" platform. At the orientation for freshman legislators, he had plenty of questions about his government health care. From Politico:

A conservative Maryland physician elected to Congress on an anti-Obamacare platform surprised fellow freshmen at a Monday orientation session by demanding to know why his government-subsidized health care plan takes a month to kick in.

Republican Andy Harris, an anesthesiologist who defeated freshman Democrat Frank Kratovil on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, reacted incredulously when informed that federal law mandated that his government-subsidized health care policy would take effect on Feb. 1 – 28 days after his Jan. 3rd swearing-in.

“He stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care,” said a congressional staffer who saw the exchange. The benefits session, held behind closed doors, drew about 250 freshman members, staffers and family members to the Capitol Visitors Center auditorium late Monday morning,”.

In the employment world for the rest of us, insurance benefits can take much longer to kick in. In fact, the eligibility period in most jobs occurs only once a year. In the real world, right here and now, over 50 million Americans have no health coverage at all.

Dr. Harris ran on a platform opposing health insurance for the rabble. He, however, deserves gummint health care. As long as he's got his - all is right in the world.

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DissedBelief said...

WHAT???? This is why I am a broken record player. The hypocrisy demonstrated by Reich publicans is odious. A republican acquaintance of mine is complaining her SS may be reduced. I will remind her that since she and her spouse hate socialism, they should opt out immediately, thereby, preserving their "VALUES". Dr. Harris should be hung drawn and quartered for his utter hypocrisy, anti-social stance and hatred for those 50 million (of whom I am one) who are without a soft place to fall. When will voters wake up and begin to see the reality behind our gummint?