Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another Brick in the... Sweatshop?

From Political Fix the inside scoop on Missouri, Illinois, and St. Louis politics:

Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham has filed a bill to change child labor laws:

Sen. Jane Cunningham responded today to what she called "misinformation and misunderstanding" regarding her bill to weaken child labor laws in the state.

The legislation would legalize employment for children under 14, end inspections of facilities employing children, and remove restrictions on the number of hours a child may work.

But Cunningham, a Chesterfield Republican, said school attendance for children would remain compulsory under her bill, and children would not be allowed to work in dangerous jobs.

"In no way are we trying to get rid of the child labor laws," Cunningham said in an interview.

If there aren't inspections of job sites, how will anyone know if children are working dangerous jobs? Great idea, Senator.

Child labor laws have been in effect in the US for fewer than 100 years. The Child Labor Education Project has a concise history of US child labor and a timeline. The growing US Labor Movement was one of the strongest
voices for reform.

The anti-union crowd is desperate to repeal the last 2 centuries, and return us to the days of children in sweatshops. Think of the money we'll save on school funding!

Child labor laws are one of the zillions of reasons we should be grateful for organized labor.

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