Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bill Kennedy, NH Dem Candidate for Governor Does Not Support Choice

Dear NH friends:

There are 3 candidates running for governor on the Democratic side: Jackie Cilley, Maggie Hassan, and Bill Kennedy. Some are claiming that all three share similar views on social issues. It's important for everyone to know - and share a very fundamental difference on the issue of choice.

If you know anyone who is thinking of voting for Bill Kennedy, it's important that you let them know that he doesn't believe women are capable of making their own choices on abortion.

Bill Kennedy is in favor of the 24 hour waiting period. He supports forcing a woman to wait 24 hours for a LEGAL medical procedure. He told me that he believes women are often coerced into having abortions. I told him that he needed to make a decision: either women are autonomous, equal human beings or we are chattel, who need men to make our medical/personal decisions for us. I also pointed out that this places a financial hardship on women, forcing them to take at least 2 days off, unnecessarily. He chose to avoid that aspect of the conversation, as you can see from his comments on Blue Hampshire. You can read his comments at Blue Hampshire.


Kennedy4GOV said...

We can agree to disagree. You know I am a strong advocate for pro-choice and your statement is incorrect and knowing your history of misrepresenting, I am not surprised. My actual statement was that a 24 hour waiting period could give a woman time to find advocacy to support her through a potentially regretful decision. I am not for forcing a woman to wait but I am pro giving her time to find the advocacy she might not have otherwise. Please stop misrepresenting!

susanthe said...

You are NOT a strong advocate for choice, Bill. You're a very tepid believer in choice, and you support the 24 hour waiting period. That is not strong advocacy, that's the condescending belief that women are ninnies who need some big Daddy to make up their minds for them.

I've asked you this before, Bill - which is it? Are women equal, autonomous human beings who have the right to make their own reproductive decisions, or are they chattel who need to be patriarchally protected from themselves?

You also fail to acknowledge the economic hardship this puts on women - women who can't afford to take all this time out of work.

I encourage everyone to read Bill's comments that I linked to at Blue Hampshire, so you can decide for yourselves what kind of a "strong advocate" for choice you think he is.

As for my history of misrepresenting? It's funny how some folks call you a liar when you tell the truth about them.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Mr. Kennedy cross the floor to the dark side and become a Republican. The Dems are in enough trouble as it is without candidates of this caliber dragging the party down. As a woman I wouldn't dream of voting for this individual. Jackie remains my candidate of good sound choice. She actually has spine.