Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Candidate Who Has the Financial Resources?

Earlier this month, the NH NEA endorsed former NH State Senator Maggie Hassan for governor. Their statement was posted at Blue Hampshire. The end is the interesting part:

When one of the Republican candidates states that he will be like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “on steroids,” everyone who cares about seniors, women’s rights, the middles class, civil rights , and our public school children better take notice and then support the candidate who has the organization, financial resources, and platform to win in November. That candidate is Maggie Hassan.

Organization, resources, and platform. Clearly the NEA was placing great value on financial resources.

A few days ago took a look at campaign finances:

Hassan said she had raised $930,000 with $239,000 coming in since June 19. She reported about $100,000 on hand.

That looks good at first glance - until you stop to think that Hassan's spent $800,000 and she's not winning. She's neck and neck with the other Democrat, Jackie Cilley, who is running her campaign on a wing and a prayer. $800,000 is a big honking chunk of cash - and she ain't winning. James Pindell in the latest Political Standing:

Maggie Hassan: You have to analyze her finance report that she basically spent $800,000 of the $900,000 she raised this way: Looking back it’s horrible. She has spent far more than anyone running for governor and she is neck and neck to win her primary against someone who is running a campaign on a shoestring. Looking ahead in the short term it’s devastating. The whole argument over the summer is that while Cilley was coming on strong Hassan would just overpower her in the closing weeks. This report shows she can’t do that. In the long term it is no big deal. If Hassan makes it through the primary she will have all the resources she needs.

It's been clear all along that Hassan was the anointed establishment candidate, and that the big money was going to be behind her. Now that the staggering amount of cash she's burned through has been made public, one wonders how the big endorsers are feeling about her "resources," her political savvy, and her chances.


Anonymous said...

It is disgusting, that the almighty buck ($$$) is all that is king. There are no values anymore, regardless of party loyalty and this fact is evident in everyday life. From going to the dentist where money is almighty, to our health care system, where the same is a truth, we just don't CARE anymore about one another. It's all about who can be the most powerful, the richest and the most comfortable. The distance between us as people has grown so cavernous that it is evident we aren't coming back from the abyss. I hope Cilley wins. If she does, she'll be dealing with the DOA GOP who believe in nothing except money and their own nest eggs.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but leave another comment, this one regarding a letter in the Sun yesterday by the owner of the Backcountry Cafe in Jackson, NH. Clearly this individual didn't even read your column properly. All he saw were comments and words he took umbrage with. This appears to be the Republican agenda regardless of their own brand of hypocrisy and hate. I would always caution business owners to be very careful about advertising their political persuasions so forcefully. As a result of this revelation, I'll not only make a point of not patronizing his establishment, but I'll remind friends and acquaintances NOT to do so as well.