Thursday, December 27, 2012

Maynard Thomson: Delusional Egomaniac

Maynard Thomson is up to his old  tricks. His latest diatribe in the Conway Daily Sun is the usual mix of insult, reading comprehension failure, and creepy stalkerish invitation:

Ms. Bruce:  I heard you, I’m your Secret Santa, and your wish is granted — let’s have that conversation. Shall we call Valley Vision together?  This could be riveting TV.  Or we’ll find a space and invite the public to join us for a calm, respectful and data-driven discussion.  I’ll await your call.

He must think the public is going to be calm and respectful, since his letter proves he's certainly incapable of it! Was this letter intended as some sort of enticement? Five paragraphs of insult, and I'd be jumping at the chance to meet up with him? What planet is this sad, delusional egomaniac from?

A brief history of Thomsonia, including his past forays into creepy stalkerism:

Maynard Thomson Again.

There You Go Again Maynard.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're scared. The thought of debating someone you can't troll with anonymity on the internet must terrify you.

There seems to be very little on this "blog" that provides a compelling argument for anything... it's more like a 13 year old girl ranting on facebook about her father not giving her the latest iPhone.

susanthe said...

Thanks for stopping by Maynard!