Friday, December 07, 2012

NH Tea Party - Pitiful Clowns

I was wondering where the commenter on Strange Brew came from, and what he was whining about. Apparently the thin skinned tea bagger scaredy cats  are prowling the web, leaving bizarre commentary.

Here's what they posted on their OFFICIAL Tea Party site:

These are the rantings of a self-admitted drunk – Susan Bruce.The tea party is NOT funded by the Koch Bros, is not now, and has NEVER been.
And this is not the first time she’s taken part in calling tea party members ‘white supremacists’. She and her cohorts over at boo-hoo hampshire have called people that before.

Comments are closed.

It's kind of pathetic that after that big brave announcement that they had to close the comments.

This reveals a couple of things. One: lack of reading comprehension skills. I did mention a white supremacist, in this week's editorial, but it was a Bircher, not a teabagger.

Two: Idiocy.  "The rantings of a self admitted drunk? I make no secret of the fact that I used to have an alcohol problem. My last drink was 23 years ago. One would think that Republicans, who love to talk about personal responsibility and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps would applaud my sobriety.
Instead, they prove that they're the kind of self-serving hypocrites I've always said they were.

That's the thing. I stopped drinking. These clowns aren't ever going to stop being stupid.


Anonymous said...

I always tell myself that I should never be surprised at the actions of those who consider themselves "conservative" which translated to their alien tongue means intolerant, hateful, warmongering, and vastly ignorant (there are those "i" words again).

I didn't know you had a "drinking problem" Susan, but this is clearly no one elses business. The real issue is that Idiots continue to operate on levels that defy all common sense. At a "party" a week ago, I had the misfortune to share a table with four transparent rethugs. The lead one, high on Martini's was ranting and raving about "entitlements" the scum that Wikileaks is, the absolute disaster that our country is in, yadayada. This coming from an individual who lives in a HUGE mansion and lives the soft life, all the while complaining he has to work 60 hours a week and doesn't understand welfare. I've been in their home. FOX blares from at least six huge bigscreen HD TV's all the time. Indoctrination that cannot even be identified by those complaining about it, well - Idiots! A documentary to watch is "The Nazi's, A Warning From History", wherein all the guilty players, none members of the Party, all sound just like the Fox audience. Chilling.

Patrick Doyle said...

Your Tea-Bagging friend couldn't be more wrong about the Koch-created Tea Party. See
(it's a two-page post) for facts linking them.

Additionally, as early as 1980, when David Koch ran for Vice-President on the Libertarian Party, the term 'Tea Party' was being used, and I've also seen the term used as early as 1963 (ascribed to a member of the John Birch Society, in which Fred Koch, Charles and David's father, was a founding member of the group.

The JBS went dormant (but did not disappear altogether) after William F. Buckley, Jr. denounced the group as being 'Anarcho-Totalitarianists' and Barry Goldwater distanced his presidential campaign from them (although his statement that "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice" was a shout-out to the JBS).

When Reagan took the White House, Charles and David (It's Charles who's really in charge) wrested control of the business their father left them, they began in earnest to fund a myriad of 'front groups' (just like the JBS did) such as Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, to name but one.

The Koch brothers are very astute about achieving their goals, and will use any tool possible. If you look at the Tea Party's agenda and compare it to the Bircher's, you'll see they are nearly identical, right down to the slogans.

One big reason why the Koch Machine has been so successful (besides all the money) is one man, Grover Norquist, who's been instrumental to the Koch brothers and has his fingerprints on most of the legislation that has squeezed the middle class in this country.

For more, see: