Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Party of Patriarchal and Stupid

In today's Telegraph, Kevin Landrigan does some damage control for Rep. Jordan Ulery in his role as cup bearer and tender to the NH GOP media narrative. Whenever Republicans get caught doing something stupid, they immediately try to pass it off as a joke. 

I saw the emails. Ulery wasn't joking. He had no idea those were satirical sites. But hey - he says so, and that's good enough for the NH media, where GOP is always the default setting. 

As for the picture in question, Ulery and Hopper had this to say:

Hopper said the photo is no different than advertising and programs on television going back to the “Dukes of Hazzard” series of the 1970s.

“The picture wasn’t any more offensive than what you can see on TV every night,” Ulery said.

It's awfully big of Ulery and Hopper to tell women what they should be offended by. Until they grow a pair of ovaries, however, they don't get to make that decision for their female colleagues, some of whom expressed their displeasure with the photo. 

That's the most stunning thing of all. Hopper and Ulery heard from colleagues who stated that they were offended. In that situation, most of us would apologize profusely. 

Not these two. Their response is to tell their colleagues that they don't have any right to be offended. (I'm pretty sure that neither of these ill mannered oafs would be pleased if hot, young male beefcake shots started being circulated by the women.) Their conduct here is disrespectful of their colleagues and flat out RUDE. 

These fine patriarchs will make women's reproductive decisions for them, ignore the wage gap in NH, and now - tell women not to be offended by the soft core porn they like to ogle. 

Nice to see the GOP working overtime to change their image as the party of stupid. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan! We SO need to get the word out about Ulery. He is cut from the same cloth as "Stella." SHAME on the folks from Hudson and Pelham for not paying attention. They keep on sending him back. I predict we'll start hearing some of the same stuff we heard when Stella reached her "Peter Principle." Folks from Auburn were heard repeating, like an echo chamber, "I had no idea!"