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GOP Leadership Should Take Their Shovels Away

The discussion continues on the NH House legislative email system. A system for legislators to communicate with one another  and their constituents about NH issues and legislation. 

This began as a discussion about gun bans. There isn't a gun ban proposed in NH. Why is this even being discussed? That's simple enough. The NH GOP would rather bleat about their fevered, paranoid imaginings than actually deal with the very real problems we have in this state. If only they spent all this time discussing how best to deal with NH's failing infrastructure. 

My comments are in a large, bolded format: 

From: "Vadney,Herb"
Subject: RE: Gun Ban
Date: August 1, 2013 9:37:14 AM EDT
To: "Peterson, Lenette" , "Hopper, Gary" , "Ulery, Jordan" , "Grady, Brenda" , "Emerson-Brown, Rebecca" , "Beaudoin, Steven" , "Horrigan,Timothy" , "Smith, Tim"
Cc: "Tanner, Linda" , "'Wendy A. Piper'" , ~All Representatives

I, too, am troubled by that photo.
I'll be darned if I can get it to print.

From: Peterson, Lenette
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2013 8:50 AM
To: Hopper, Gary; Ulery, Jordan; Grady, Brenda; Emerson-Brown, Rebecca; Beaudoin, Steven; Horrigan,Timothy; Smith, Tim
Cc: Tanner, Linda; 'Wendy A. Piper'; ~All Representatives
Subject: RE: Gun Ban
Excellent job, Gary, as always most missed the boat!  Now hopefully this will end.  Go find another cause to be up in arms over, time to put this baby to bed.

Lenette M. Peterson

For those not in the know, Rep. Peterson is a Republican. It's very gracious of her to be so accepting of the drooling fratboy behavior of her male colleagues, as they objectify young women. 

From: Gary S Hopper []
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2013 12:52 AM
To: Ulery, Jordan; Grady, Brenda; Emerson-Brown, Rebecca; Beaudoin, Steven; Horrigan,Timothy; Smith, Tim
Cc: Tanner, Linda; 'Wendy A. Piper'; ~All Representatives
Subject: Re: Gun Ban
I wasn't going to chime in because this thread has gone on much long however the fact is I did create the picture.
I did it to draw attention to the issue of the needless killing of hundreds young people in cities like Chicago. The fact that more
people are offended by a girl in shorts rather then the hundreds of kids killed each year in Chicago is pathetic.

The fact that people keep talking about the picture of a girl in short is proof that it worked.

It is true that a teacher in school might get in trouble for using this to illustrate a point in school but your NOT in school.


Listen up, Gary:  You are an elected representative in the state of New Hampshire. Half of your constituents are women. And I'm pretty sure that ALL of those women hate dirty old men. When you post a men's magazine cheesecake photo as an attempt to 'get attention' you should not be surprised by the kind of attention you get. It's not the kind you want. When you post a picture like this, you come across as a creepy geezer: leering, drooling, and ogling young women. 

If a young woman's breasts are needed to illustrate your "facts" you're doing facts wrong. 

Your female colleagues found your soft porn picture insulting. Instead of apologizing, you keep digging. That makes you disrespectful and rude. And not very smart. 

Also - if you want to lecture a teacher, you should make sure your grammar and spelling are impeccable.

At 11:15 PM 7/31/2013, wrote:
I did not post the Daisy Duke. I am not defending nor objecting to the post. The purpose of advertising is to get attention. Sometimes it is a cute "animal" (Geico, Kia (dancing mice), corn flakes). Repeatedly demonstrated, across all demographics and whether it is appropriate or not, the adage applies 'sex sells'. In this instance the post was not created by a Member, it was merely cut and paste work. The post did its job - people on the list saw the stats (perhaps only after the model, but it got eye contact). If you don't 'like' the post fine, ignore it. But ignore the rather revealing underware ads in the Sunday paper as well. The post was nothing more or less than an advertisement to adults who can make their own decisions.
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Here's a thought, Jordan Ulery: this isn't the Sunday paper. This isn't a lingerie ad. This isn't a television show. This isn't advertising. If you can't get your point across without attaching a set of breasts to it, than you have a communication problem. 

We have a name for people who sell sex. We call them pimps. Is that what you're aspiring to, Rep. Ulery? 

This is the list serve for the NH House of Representatives - paid for by the tax dollars of your constituents - for the purpose of doing the people's business. This discussion, and your aging fratboy ogling have nothing to do with the people's business. You disgrace the institution with this disrespectful, misogynistic nonsense. 

Your comments and this picture offended your female colleagues. Instead of apologizing, you've chosen to continue to justify your conduct, and tell them to "ignore it."  It's clear that you have no respect for your female colleagues, and that you have really bad manners. 

From: "Brenda Grady" <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 21:01:25 -0400
To: 'Emerson-Brown, Rebecca'<>; 'Beaudoin, Steven'<>; 'Ulery, Jordan'<>; 'Horrigan,Timothy'<>; 'Smith, Tim'<>
Cc: 'Tanner, Linda'<>; 'Wendy A. Piper'<>; 'Hopper, Gary'<>; '~All Representatives'<>
Subject: RE: Gun Ban
I also found it offensive.  The reason given for its use, ‘to get your attention’, was also offensive as it equated us to a bunch of hormone-driven 18 year olds.  As a high school teacher for 30 years, I would have been fired for such an inappropriate way to get the attention of my students.  Even they would have known that.

Rep. Brenda Grady

From: Emerson-Brown, Rebecca []
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 6:46 PM
To: Beaudoin, Steven; Ulery, Jordan; Horrigan,Timothy; Smith, Tim
Cc: Tanner, Linda; 'Wendy A. Piper'; Hopper, Gary; ~All Representatives
Subject: RE: Gun Ban

How you find this not to be offensive is beyond me...

Rebecca Emerson-Brown
Tweet: @RebaEmerson

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From: "Beaudoin, Steven" <>
Date: 07/30/2013 10:37 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: "Ulery, Jordan" <>,"Horrigan,Timothy" <>,"Smith, Tim" <>
Cc: "Tanner, Linda" < >,"'Wendy A. Piper'" <>,"Hopper, Gary" < >,~All Representatives <>
Subject: RE: Gun Ban

Are you seriously offended by the photo? The photo just happened to be attached to facts I thought pertinent to the discussion.

Steve Beaudoin
N.H. State Representative
Strafford District 9

Would you have been offended if Rep. Hopper attached a picture of his penis Steve? After all, it would have just happened to be attached to facts you thought pertinent. 

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Anonymous said...

I see a pattern here. It's like the most racist of people screeching "I'm not racist"! When people are offended, you apologize. PERIOD. It is not up to the offender to decide whether someone should or should not be offended. If I say I'm offended, I AM. Ulery takes all criticism like this. When people point out that he belongs to a hate group, noted in a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, he demonizes the SPLC. Never mind that they use very strict standards for defining such a group. Ulery is NEVER wrong.