Monday, December 23, 2013

Deep Thoughts

Rep. John Burt

White = Good.


xteeth said...

As a matter of fact, there is no mention of any American being allowed to own any firearm. What it says is keep and bear, that is have one, if provided by the owner, and carry it when allowed by the owner. It seems clear to me that the government should be the only "owner" and that only those they approve should be allowed to keep and bear those arms. I would think that the police and military would be provided arms, the rest could apply and be provided arms at the will of the owner of those firearms. If you want to engage in parsing the English language, you might want to be vewy, vewy, careful because that language might say things you don't like. That is also a problem with the literal interpretation of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

A little confused here. John has conversations with dead people? This person who plays with guns in his underwear then posts videos of it for all to see hears dead people?

Anonymous said...

Is he referring to a black govt. under our President? Very racist indeed. Another wonderful testament to a Christian loving nation. ONE NATION UNDER GUN.