Sunday, December 29, 2013

NH conservative calls for open hunting season on "democrats"

Over at the Nashua Telegraph a story about ducks being killed has a lot of conservative ignoranuses venting their copious spleen - and one, a Joseph M. Weber of Newington, making actual threats:

None of Joseph M. Weber's fellow conservatives have suggested that he tone down the rhetoric. 

I feel certain that if we held one of Mr. Weber's own guns to his head, he'd be unable to properly define the word "socialist" - but the fact that he's posting calls to violence in one of NH's major newspapers only shows how comfortable he is uttering such threats. 

This type of violent, threatening rhetoric is increasingly commonplace among NH Republicans. 

That it is also becoming acceptable is something that should concern us. 

Edited to add this screen capture - when one guy suggested finding Rep. Campbell's address and phone number so that they can harass him, the person who responded was State Rep. Kyledoesn't bother to vote - 
needs to be drunk to do his job - quick draw mcgoo Tasker: 

Yup. A sitting State Representative fanning the flames, and aiding morons who would harass and threaten one of his colleagues. 

Here's the thing, boys. This kind of tactic can be turned right around and used on you. 


Anonymous said...

Please note the comments of NHGOP Rep Kyle tasked, fanning the flames of violence, as well.

nellewrites said...

This is nuts, way over the line.

Anonymous said...

Susan, would you like to make a statement regarding Rep. Campbell's behavior? Or do you know if anyone representing the party is going to make a statement? I would like to see him treated as an individual instead of lumping him in with people that share a simple letter with him.

susanthe said...

Dear Anonymous - I don't take requests from people who are too cowardly to identify themselves.

If you want to know what Democrats are going to do, I suggest you ask them.

Brian Loudermilch said...

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent" - Isaac Asimov.

Then again, quotes from famous authors don't mean anything to people that aren't smart enough to read.

Anonymous said...

Hunters do best when they turn their weapons on themselves. The number of poor suffering wildlife I've found after a hunter hasn't killed it, be it bird or deer is horrendous.
The insensitivity and callousness of the comment speaks volumes regarding the characterless spineless and mindless individual/s. Disgusting. Get rid of it it before it multiplies. Oh dear, probably already has.