Thursday, July 03, 2014

Free State Project Exploits Keene Suicide

On Tuesday night (July 1) Keene police were attempting to arrest Matthew Snow on a bench warrant for violating parole and receiving stolen property. He had a gun. There was a stand-off that lasted for hours. Finally, Snow shot himself in the chest, and later died at the hospital. 

The Free Staters in Keene were there, trying to insert themselves into the process somehow. One of them was arrested for refusing to stay behind police lines. James Cleaveland, who fancies himself A) Robin Hood and B) a journalist, had a little tantrum and was arrested. 

Free Keener Garret Ean, seen in the above meme, was there, filming away. The video of Matthew Snow's death is posted on their website. I am not linking to it. One hears the gunshot clearly, sees Snow's body fall, and moments later one sees the bloody exit wound. 

The Free Staters/Free Keeners posted this on their website. Members of Matthew Snow's family have asked them to take down the video. They have refused. 

Obviously, this is in the worst possible taste. Obviously, by refusing the family's request to take it down, they lose any claim to having pretensions of being human beings, never mind "journalists." 

What is most abhorrent is this - they're exploiting this man's suicide. They're bleating about "the state" and "the police" and blaming them for a situation they know little or nothing about.  

The FSP didn't know or care about this man, and they have refused the Snow family's request to take down the video. These selfish sociopaths will exploit anyone and anything to further their agenda. 

I urge you not to go to their website. Don't give them the page views, or the satisfaction. They're going to use this (the way they use everything) to raise money. It's a whole new level of vile. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concise explanation of the events! I find it difficult to explain why I hate Free Keene because I get all emotional. This blog will help me get my point across when people ask, "Wait, don't they just fill parking meters?"

sylviag said...

Despicable Them....

Anonymous said...

By exploiting the misery of others, this cult proves their lack of value and uselessness as citizens, neighbors and contributing members of our state. I wouldn't dream of looking at their sites, material or anything else to do with their useless lives. Vile, despicable and disgusting are far too kind to describe them. Perhaps rather, they are merely pathetically brainless. When someone goes nuts with a gun or other dangerous weapon, I fully support law enforcement taking control in order to "Serve and Protect".

Anonymous said...

The Free Keene / Free Staters are media whores who try to attach themselves to all news stories fir their own selfish cause of getting their names in the press with complete disregard for their community and fellow community members. The Free State project is ruining the city of Keene and the state of NH. My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

Anonymous said...

They are turning into the Westboro Baptist church, in more inhumane ways right in keene. Because you have authority issues you need to film another human being killing himself and post it online. All the while continuing to distract police from the job they came to do, save a life!!! These people disgust me and I for one am not going to allow them to infect our small towns with their disgusting hatreds. Go back from where you came. Because of you, I no longer feel like I can live free, but I'm not about to die!!!!

Hayley LT said...

They love all of the comments!! It's the only way they can feel others talking about them...positive or long as they're center of attention!!! Very low self esteem is what it they bully others to feel better about's classic!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish you would have posted the link. I would like to see the actual video instead of your distorted rant. But then again maybe you are trying to have pictures of the Holocaust, terrorist killings, abortion murders , etc. removed for disturbing content as well . Why not attack Hollywood as well for their graphic recreations . If you dont want to watch it. DONT HIT THE PLAY BUTTON

Anonymous said...

i guess STB horror abd indignation didnt prevent her from viewing the vid.... her protestations didnt go that farq

Keith Smith said...

Garret isn't any more of a Free Stater than Susan is. Susan, you lied by calling him a Free Stater in the title. You lied again by calling him a free stater in the photo. Please stop lying Susan.

Keith Smith said...

The Westboro Baptist Church people are really bad Democrats. Thankfully, they didn't come to New Hampshire today because 100s of people were ready to send those insane Democrats back to Kansas!

susanthe said...

Dear Low Watt Bulb aka Anonny Mouse:

Would you trust the movie reviews of a person who didn't see the movie? Well, you might, actually. Thinking people would not. That's why I watched the video, NonnyWatt. I couldn't write about something I hadn't seen. Sorry that turned out to be such a flat tire of a gotcha for you.

I'm becoming weary of the cult's anonymous comments. You manly men are all armed to the teeth but you're too cowardly to use your names when you post at a blog?

The day is coming when I stop posting anonymous comments. Get ready to put on your man panties.

susanthe said...

Dear "wish you would have posted" Anonymous:

I wish you would have learned how to write with even a modicum of literacy. I wish you would have taken a class in reading comprehension, because it's clear that you don't have any.

Back to the cult with you, dullard.

Got guns, but not the courage to leave your names. Free Staters are such wussyboys.

susanthe said...

Keith Smith, you get a bonus point for using a name. You lose it for being a moron.

Let's not pretend that Free Keene isn't the same as the Free State. You want desperately to pretend that is true, but we all know better.

I'm perfectly aware that young Garret was born in NH. He lives in the Church of the Free Load, he "works" chalking and harassing meter readers - so he's being paid by whomever funds FK/FSP. Technically he didn't move here - but lie down with clowns, and rise with a rubber nose.

Now, please stop whining, Kevin.

susanthe said...

So, tell us, Keith, what does the WBC have to do with the FSP exploiting the suicide in Keene?

Oh, wait - that would be nothing! Absolutely nothing! You're just here to go off topic for two reasons.

One: You want to divert attention away from the fact that the FKers lack any sort of human decency by exploiting this man's death for their gain. The family asked that the video be taken down. Ian's response is the usual belligerence he produces when challenged by anyone outside the hive, and Garret's is to pretend that he's a journalist covering important news.

It's amusing, given how eager you folks are to censor anything negative about the FSP. The fact that Muni Savyon was a Free Stater was quickly censored from all NH media stories when he murdered his son. He was bad for the image ya'll are trying to project. The cult has indeed been fortunate for the incurious, GOP allied media we have here in NH. So many dots go unconnected.

Two: you assume I'm a Democrat, and that I'll be upset by your childish attempt at ginning me up.

You get one warning. Off topic comments aren't likely to be posted, especially when they're coming from the cult.

Diane K said...

Bravo to you Susan. I support and share your opinions on the FSP. This is cult of hate and intolerance who will use their second amendment rights to blast the shit out of our first amendment rights!

I also agree that in dealing with the free-staters, we are dealing with blithering idiots. Logic, reason and commonsense cannot penetrate a closed mind.

Anonymous said...

Susan i want to thank you for this blog. Someone had sent me the video on facebook and i was horrified..i am a cousin to his childrens mother and knew him. When i realized what the video was i flagged it on facebook and cant beleive this group of people. I am glad you chose to write exactlty how i am sure many people feel about all of this. My thoughts are with his family, children, and their mother

SFKJosh said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the state's media outlets to be curiously silent on all things FSP. Unless, of course, it's some idiotic fluff piece about boobs, weed, and Bitcoin.

The Keene Sentinel is particularly hilarious. The reporter that covered all things FK-related was buddy-buddy with Ian Freeload. He approached us for an interview early in our existence and got his knickers all in a twist when we questioned the nature of this relationship.

Now that he's quit the news business he's pretty flagrant about his friendship with Reverend Douchebag of the Shire Freeload Church.