Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Knitting Needles, Coathangers, and Black Market Drugs

Erica Hallerstein's excellent story called "The Rise of the DIY Abortion in Texas" was in The Atlantic last week. It's an important and well written story - of what the future looks like for women in states where they have no rights when it comes to their own reproduction. 

The future will contain knitting needles and coathangers - and it will also contain black market drugs. 

I thought we'd moved past all this, didn't you?

This is great work by Erica Hellerstein. Read it. Pass it on. Thank her on twitter at @E_Hellerstein, and listen to the podcast of her interview with Arnie and I on WNHN.


Brian Loudermilch said...

Our Country has been Hijacked by the 5 Misogynist Men currently sitting on the US EXTREME Court.

The very notion that Corporations have "Personal Rights" is patently ABSURD.

Rest Assured, this is Just the Beginning.

They will continue to Abuse the rights of ALL Women until there are New laws that make that Impossible.

They have had their Day. Take note of WHO is CHEERING about their "Victory" and remember what political Party made this Abomination Possible.

Our Day is November 4, 2014.
Make your feelings known WHILE you still Can.

Get Out and VOTE !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this piece Susan and Brian L. above is 100% correct. We are living - it appears, the worst nightmare of The Handmaids Tale - a nightmare because it is materializing. My relatives lived and died utilizing coat hangers to prevent yet another mouth to feed. With over 7++ billion on our planet, resources and jobs are all scarce. What are people thinking? They're not.