Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tom Alciere, Free State Project Role Model

Remember Tom Alciere?

He was elected to the NH House in the November 2000 election. Days after taking office in 2001, he was forced to resign after this:

Alciere told the Valley News of Lebanon that he loves it when someone kills a police officer: ''It's unfortunate that cops do make it necessary (to kill them) when they're waging a war on drugs, and I view cops as enemy officers.'' He said he is ''too chicken'' to do it himself.
He acknowledges posting his views at Internet chat sites for months, including this 1999 comment: ''Nobody will ever be safe until the last cop is dead.'' 

It seems the doughty Republicans of Nashua weren't paying much attention to whom they voted for:

In 1997, three days after Carl Drega killed two state troopers, a part-time judge and a newspaper editor in Colebrook, Alciere sent a letter saying that except for the editor, Drega was ''an otherwise innocent cop-killer taking out enemy officers in battle.'' 

And there was this:

After the election, Alciere went online and said he was elected by a ''bunch of fat, stupid, ugly old ladies that watch soap operas, play bingo, read tabloids and don't know the metric system.'' 

In 2009 he was arrested for assaulting an 11 year old girl. 

He's back on the radar, because he sent a letter out to GOP candidates warning that Paulbearers would "sink the Republican Party" if they failed to nominate libertarian extremists. Tuck has the story at Miscellany Blue.

Alciere was forced to resign in 2001 when the NH GOP cared about things like violent rhetoric. That was before the Free State Project chose NH as the state they intended to colonize and take over. They flew under the radar for nearly a decade, but their violent rhetoric has begun to ratchet up in the last couple of years. Some are quite vocal these days about their "obligation" to respond to the evil statists with violence, including those who advocate cop killing. 

It was Free Staters who started the Cop Block website, where Larken Rose (member of the FSP) narrates a video called When Should You Shoot a Cop?

Alciere isn't the only libertarian nutter who venerated Carl Drega. Vin Suprynowiscz, FSP member, wrote a book attempting to make him a sympathetic character. 

Given all that Alciere has espoused, it's no wonder that he served as an inspiration to early Free State Project colonizers, as we see in this 2002 Yahoo Group:

The point I'm trying to make is that if Tom Alciere can get elected, 
anyone can. He found a way to work the system and got himself 
elected, when he would otherwise be unelectable.

Why is he unelectable? He posted several times on Usenet that if a 
person is selling drugs, and the cops try to bust him, then the drug 
dealer has a right to shoot the police in defense of his honest 
trade. He refers to his constituents as "lame-brains who will vote 
for anyone that smiles and waves at them." He also runs a website, on which he gleefully contemplates the 
possibility of Mexicans sniping Border Patrol agents from across the 
Rio Grande. He is not a lawyer or well-known businessman, if I 
recall (can't find it on his site right now), he stocks groceries at 
the supermarket.


So I suggest that if you think we need a new party, a porcupine 
party, independence party, or whatever, just STOP...and consider that 
what we really want to do is to get our porcupines elected. Read 
Alciere's story, see how easily he got elected by running AS A 
REPUBLICAN, just BECAUSE he ran as a REPUBLICAN. There are three 
ways to get votes: win people to your side with the issues you 
believe in, run with a party that most voters will DEFAULT to if they 
don't know the issues, or outspend everyone else in a massive PR 
blitz. By infiltrating a major party, we will have the advantage of 
all three--financial support, votes from the "default voters" as well 
as ISSUES we can use to win over the voters.

Are the Free Staters infiltrators of the NH GOP or allies? 

Read Alciere's website. Note how that if he can get elected in New 
Hampshire, certainly a Porcupine can.

Back then the Free Staters marveled that Alciere could get elected. Now they sound just like him. 

A reminder: 

Last year, NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn was on NHPR's The Exchange, speaking of the Free State Project in the most glowing terms:

Horn said the group’s philosophy is “something that’s right in line with the Republican Party.”   
"For the most part," explained Horn, "the Free State Project has been very much a movement with character that I think has probably been a positive thing in our state.”

When is it okay to shoot a cop, Jennifer? 


nelle said...

I'm not sure how one gets there. It's one thing to decry the things done by a few bad officers, it is quite another to wish harm upon all officers. Even the ones who commit horrible acts should be dealt with through a fair system of justice, not by rogue vigilantes.

Then again, everything about th FSPers seems a bit askew, and so true is that now true about the modern incarnation of the GOP.

Anonymous said...

He assaulted an 11 year old child? What a sicko. Because of whites like him, we are suffering under an almost Russian/China like military style police force in some parts of the country, as we are currently seeing in Missouri. How are we going to get rid of individuals such as this who are doing irrepairable harm to our nation?

Brian Loudermilch said...

Tom Alciere demands that the Republicans nominate "Extreme libertarian candidates" or they will "Destroy the Republican Party".

News Flash: You already have.

The extremism displayed by libertarians and teabaggers has driven thousands of folks AWAY.

Keep up the Good work. The Democratic party appreciates all the moderate voters that can't stand you any longer.

Anonymous said...

Who calls himself "extreme"? Even the most devoted John Bircher is likely to refer to himself as a "mainstream conservative." Does Tom have unusual insight into his deepest, darkest inner self? Or is he just nuts?

Anonymous said...

Well, another hit piece and no intellectual honesty. Mr. Alciere has obviously nothing to do with the Free State Project and vice versa. Pointing to him as an example, that even a crazy person can get elected, because the elctorate doesn't care and isn't interested in the issues but votes for anyone with an R or a D behind the name, is obviuosly no endorsement of the crazy person.