Friday, August 01, 2014

Two-Gun Tasker Strikes Again!

Once again, NH State Rep. Kyle Tasker covers our state with glory!


On Wednesday, New Hampshire Rep. Kyle Tasker expressed his disbelief that the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council had hosted the National Black Caucus of State Legislators at ALEC's annual meeting in Dallas this week.

"How do I join the white caucus of state legislators?" Tasker asked, in response to a post by Jordan Ulery, a fellow Republican in New Hampshire's state house.
That Tasker (a Republican)  is already part of a rather large white caucus, would never occur to him. 

"Caucuses are merely groups of people with similar likes/dislikes," Ulery helpfully explained in response to Tasker. "Personally I long for the day of character, not color being again the guiding principle."

Jordan Ulery (another very white man) leaps in to bemoan the emphasis on "color." In 2011, Rep. Ulery tried to teach us all a lesson by filing a bill that would require any shop that has a sign in a language other than English to have signs in all of the official languages of the UN. This was not because he's in favor of inclusivity. He doesn't like signs in anything other than Murriken. Ulery then dug himself a hole by trying to suggest that the Holocaust was the fault of the Jews. 

"Yea that was kind of my point," Tasker replied. "So what are the likes/dislikes of the black caucus that precludes white people from joining? I'm fond of rap music..."

We should be grateful that he didn't mention that some of his best friends are black. 

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samiinh said...

As a NH resident, I hang my head in shame that our school system has obviously failed so many on the right. It is a state embarrassment really. But we are not alone; there are racists and bigots and ignoramuses everywhere today in this country. Just look at the Republican members of the House and Senate, good folks like Michelle Bachmann, and Ted Cruz. The embarrassment goes on and on, and Tasker is just one more.

Anonymous said...

Oh somebody help us. This is truly beyond the pale. It wasn't enough that white ancestors slaughtered peoples who had been inhabiting this very land for eons. Then the Irish, the Italian and everyone else in between became a created problem. When will hatred and intolerance end? Certainly not with this dreadful bunch who should be making educational pilgrimages to the lands of the holocaust.

They fail to acknowledge that it IS white males who cause ALL the problems we have. I'm not saying that white women wouldn't cause chaos, but they haven't had much opportunity have they?

Romeo's Blog said...

Anonymous posters should have the balls to speak up under their own name, and not hide, If you've got something to say, then put your name on it!