Monday, October 06, 2014

Happy Birthday Lucy

Today is Lucy's 5th birthday. Lucy's father had my daughter charged with a heinous crime, and the state of Maine seems intent on railroading my daughter, with ZERO interest in actual investigation or justice. 

That's a story for the days ahead. 

Today on Lucy's 5th birthday, her mother is not allowed to see her or have any contact with her. Today and every day, her heart is breaking. It's unimaginable. 

I can't see Lucy either. 

Lucy's father has refused to let me see her. He even threatened me, via text message, something that Sargent Jared Austin of the Rangeley, Maine police force was completely uninterested in when I called to report the incident. He and my former son-in-law are buddies. No surprise there. Sargent Austin spoke to me in a shockingly unprofessional manner. I wrote a letter of complaint to Chief Dennis Leahy of the Rangeley Police Dept. He has not responded. The inappropriate and unprofessional behavior of one of his officers is apparently of no concern to him.

Today is Lucy's birthday, and I cannot see her. Her father told me that Lucy has no idea who I am. Just before he had Lucy's mother arrested, Lucy and I had a conversation about the hat she had just made for me. "I love you Grammy!" Lucy said to me. I don't believe for a minute that Lucy has forgotten who I am. I do believe that Lucy is living with people who are hurting her physically and emotionally. 

Maine does have so-called grandparent's rights. Unfortunately, those rights are only accessible if one has an attorney. There is no standard form that one can fill out, one has to navigate the process with a lawyer and costly filing fees. I can't afford this. One can hardly call it a "right" if one has to pay a lot of money to have access to it. 

Something is really rotten in the State of Maine. I have no intention of letting that go. 

Today is Lucy's fifth birthday. I love my granddaughter with all of my heart. 

Note: I have no desire to use my family as fodder for my blog. Thing is, my daughter is being railroaded - and I'm not going to let that happen quietly or without a fight.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry Susan! Don't give up your child will remember you and will want to see you when she's old enough. They cannot hold down the spirit and will of a child.

Also, keep working all channels you can. My heart goes out to you. This post is real, brutally honest and something someday your granddaughter will see.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I am Lucy's Grandfather. And the way I understand it, when the two year PFA came up, your daughter willingly without objection signed it. And walked out if the courtroom smiling. There is no railroading going on in this family. If truth be known, you can't accept the fact, that there was abuse in your family and it carried through to your daughter.
If the doctor and DHHS didn't feel there was a reason to report the incident to the authorities, this would not have happened. I was a firefighter for 35 years and worked as an EMS for 10 years. Have gone through the police academy and in my line of work, we had an oath to report any suspected child abuse.
The report had nothing to do with Lucy's father. He is ONLY a witness for the prosecution. You might want to get your facts straight before you start putting blame on other people.
Have a nice day. Mike

susanthe said...

Dear Mike,

It's sad that you thought you could come here and snark at me about getting my facts straight, when it's evident that you failed to understand anything that I wrote.

If you cared at all about Lucy, you'd do something to help her. You'd use that pious oath you reference to report the real culprits. But you don't care, and you do know - because you're complicit in it. You are covering up for them. You lied in court for them.

You are a sick, evil little man.

Anonymous said...

OMG This is terrible. I'm completely stunned that you and your children have to be subjected to this vileness. AND that a member of Law Enforcement "To Serve and Protect"? is taking sides. Something that no one in that profession should ever do. I know this isn't a great suggestion Susan, but Dr. Phil? Plenty of money there to throw at resolving this. Prayers and Blessings!! In my opinion, only very evil and very sick individuals create suspicions of sexual or other such abuse. I saw it in social services regularly. The innocent don't ever come back from this trauma.

Anonymous said...

How sad, Susan. But I'd say this corrupt, small town police force picked the wrong person to mess with. The more they ignore you, the more "famous" they will become. Keep it up, boys.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to Mike Lucy's step-grandfather's post a couple days ago. I have known this man for 21 years and it infuriates me knowing that he is supporting such terrible lies about Jessica. But lying seems to be his way also. Mike stated that Jess without objection signed the 2yr PFA. How can he say what happened that day at court?? HE WASN'T THERE!! He wasn't privy to the conversation that took place before that agreement was signed. We were there, sitting at the table next to Jess. SMILING??? LIE!!!! far from it; as you know.. HEARTBROKEN is closer to the truth. There again,, he wasn't there. Speaking of truth,firefighter.. yes, volunteer. first responder,ems: i guess,, police academy.. did go.. didn't finish or graduate. TRUTH,, seems to be foreign soil to Mike and the pack of liars that have embarked on a mission to keep Lucy from her mother and you. Mike says he took an oath?? oaths revolve around TRUTH. So to Michael: do not hide behind the word OATH when what you say and support are and always will be the words of liars. as you said Mike,, Have a nice day..... Barb

Anonymous said...

Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. It's a good thing that kid has no contact with you or your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Lady ... you are a certified whack job.

susanthe said...

It's always amazing to me that people will come to say nasty stuff - but they aren't brave enough to sign their name to it.

The anonymous family is huge and filled with cowards.

Leon Rideout said...

Sad, Neither The Child or Grandparent Should Be punished For Alleged Actions of another. I hope the final resolution will reunite you two. We agree on almost nothing but this just sounds wrong.

susanthe said...

Thank you very much Representative Rideout. You're right, it is wrong - and I appreciate your kindness.

Amanda Quintiliani said...

I've been alerted to this blog and since people are expressing some opinions I thought I would introduce some facts into the conversation.
1. The child is not living with people who would hurt her in any way. I know this fact because I am one of them. Over my dead body will she ever be hurt like that again.
2. The child's father did not charge the 'mother' with anything, the State of Maine did due to the child's testimony after several professional reviews.
3. The State of Maine does not charge an individual with CLASS C FELONY CHILD ABUSE without a thorough investigation and something called EVIDENCE.
4.The child's father has refused to let the grandmother see her after recommendations from her therapists and law enforcement officials. He has every right to protect his child.
5. Sgt. Austin was uninterested in the grandmother's complaints of the father's "threatening texts" due to lack of evidence.
6. This is the second PFA that has been served on the child's 'mother' in the past year.
7. At the hearing where the 'mother' signed her child away in a little less than 15 minutes, she absolutely was smiling and laughing. She even did a little dance with YOU barb at the window where she picked up her copy of the PFA, remember? I do, because I was there. Saw you with my own two eyes. "Heartbroken" the three of you were not. Repugnant absolutely, but far from "Heartbroken".

You can continue to play games online, touting your friend and daughter's innocence but the facts remain. If she's innocent, she will prove it and the truth shall set her free, right?

*and as for cowardice Susan...don't forget that you admittedly stalked and harassed me on Twitter (haha of all places) using a fake name. You're how old? Gross.

susanthe said...

It would have been so much smarter to keep your mouth shut, Amanda.

I admit, I'm dazzled by your ferocious intelligence. From your twitter feed I learned that the pinnacle of your ambition was finding someone to "pork" at Snodeo. In 2012. In 2013. And again in 2014, when you found pork you could hang on to and manipulate.

Your little story about the courthouse would be so much more impressive if you'd actually been there that day.

The dull witted lies and threats are tedious, as are your sad attempts at bullying me. Liars just never know when to shut up.