Friday, March 13, 2015

Fergus Cullen - Moocher

Former Chair of the NH Republican Party Fergus Cullen lives in Dover. He ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2013. One of the policies he mentioned his support for in interviews was Dover's tax cap, as we see here in Fosters:

After gaining political experience at the state and national levels, Cullen said he now wants to focus on making Dover a more attractive place for people to live. Cullen said he is supportive of the current City Council, which he said has been successful in adopting two consecutive budgets consistent with the tax cap, “putting a stop to runaway spending and tax hikes.”

“The sky did not fall,” Cullen said. “The tax cap is basically working. I'm supportive of that change. It was a long time coming.”

Cullen said it is possible to oppose higher taxes while at the same time supporting city services. He said that things have “settled down” for now, and that the city should continue to look for ways to “live within our means.” 

Tonight, Fergus has Jeb Bush coming to his house

Local Republicans are ready: So many people are expected to attend political consultant Fergus Cullen's evening house party for Bush that the city manager of Dover sent a bucket loader to move snow so that more cars can park in the neighborhood.

This is Fergus's idea of how to "live within our means?" This is mooching off taxpayers. That public funds are being used to clear snow for a private party for Jeb Bush makes it just that much more offensive. 


Monica Derr said...

I totally agree with the term Moocher. He needs to reimburse the town for that and next time submit the request for town services to town council. And by the way, his comment makes me wonder if he knows some magical math that can whip up the no higher taxes scenario.

Anonymous said...

I find this typical behavior in the Rethug party. I'm not saying Democrats don't engage in this on some level, but at least they are realistic when it comes to spending/taxes. The irony is that the right is so decadently wealthy, they can easily afford to pay all expenses without dipping into OUR coffers. And do we really have to be subjected to another shrub in office? Same goes for the Clintons. We need fresh candidates and NO dyansties.