Sunday, March 01, 2015

Union Leader: FSP Propaganda Pipeline

On Feb. 28, the Union Leader  published a story about how the Free State Project is now claiming responsibility for 26% of the migrant population growth in NH from 2010 to 2014. 

It's part of a UL feature called NH Angle, which is featured on the front page of the electronic edition of the UL. 

All of this would combine to make one think that this is a UL story. It is not. The story was lifted right from the Free State Project's Free Keene blog, as you find if you "click to view the source material." The UL is presenting the FSP's  unsourced (and questionable) numbers as fact. 

We all know that the UL has been little more than a mouthpiece for the NH GOP, but this is different. This is the UL serving as a propaganda pipleline for the Free State Project, while giving them free publicity and a sort of credibility. 


Anonymous said...

Yellow Dog journalism and "bought and paid for" writing (let's not call it journalism) thrives right here in the granite state. WMUR is another example of laughable "reporting" with tiny tots shoving their microphones in our faces and begging for (personal example) sensationalism on subjects such as Abby Hernandez. the real important stuff will get purposefully ignored. Pathetic.

Brian Loudermilch said...

You can't expect the Union Leader to actually Check the FACTS before they publish.

That would require a level of INTEGRITY that they just Don't have.

Given the intellectual level of it's members, the name FEEBLE state Project would be a lot more accurate.